Mehret Haile

Speaker, Supporter, Table Captain

Mehret Haile

Head of Food, Culture and International Collaborations, FUTURE FEMALE AFRICA
ecotrophologist, food journalist, Agile Coach & advocate for food justice

Mehret Haile is a remarkable personality with a multifaceted career. She is not only an ecotrophologist, nutrition and communication consultant, and food journalist but also an experienced and dynamic Agile Coach. Mehret Haile is a dedicated advocate for food justice and firmly believes that access to food is a fundamental human right.

One of her major passions is preserving and sharing knowledge about indigenous plant species and traditional recipes. She advocates for the preservation and dissemination of these resilience-promoting aspects of lifestyle in communities, empowering people to lead autonomous and self-determined lives.

The role of women holds a central place in Mehret’s work. She recognizes the crucial role of women in transmitting and preserving cultural knowledge, and thus, she is particularly committed to supporting them. This dedication is an integral part of her work with AFFRA Hub, a start-up building a network of entrepreneurs in the agribusiness sector in Kenya.

As the Head of Food, Culture, and International Collaborations at FUTURE FEMALE AFRICA, Mehret Haile is responsible for the AFFRA project. Here, she brings her passion and years of expertise in the food sector to preserve and develop cultural knowledge.