Stefanie Salata

Table Captain

Stefanie Salata

Supervisory and Advisory Board Member, former Bank Executive Board Member
among others, of Berliner Bank's CEO

Stefanie Salata has studied business administration (BWL) in Berlin and has worked for many years as a board member and managing director in banks. Among other positions, she held roles in various regions at Deutsche Bank and served as the CEO of Berliner Bank, where she was responsible for many employees and customers.

Her areas of expertise include private and business banking as well as real estate. Stefanie Salata is a passionate developer of employees and advocates for combining emotion, structure, and strategic concepts in the private and corporate banking sectors.

She greatly enjoys achieving business success with her teams while maintaining a strong customer focus.

Today, Stefanie Salata is actively involved as a supervisor, advisor, and member of various committees in the economic and financial industry (WealthCap, NIIIO, Friends of DIW, Encourage Ventures). She provides guidance to companies in shaping their customer-centric areas and acts as a business angel, supporting the development of young (preferably women-led) companies.

She firmly believes that diversity in executive boards and management teams leads to significantly better results. However, she acknowledges that there is still a long way to go until a balanced mix of female and male leaders becomes the norm.