Stephanie Dettmann


Stephanie Dettmann is one of the two founders of the organic beauty label UND GRETEL Berlin. After studying media and business administration, she began her advertising career in 1998 at the well-known creative agency Jung von Matt, first at the Munich office and then at the Hamburg headquarters. As budget director, she worked for clients such as SIXT, MINI, BMW and Apollo Optik. As Head of Division, she moved to the Berlin agency AimaqRappStolle in 2003 with clients such as ASICS international, FERRERO (Milchschnitte, Nutella, Hanuta, Duplo), MINI international, smart, simyo, Fishermanʼs Friend, Coca-Cola, Powerade, etc. In 2007, Stephanie started at MAB (Media Arts Lab) as part of the TBWA Group, where she was responsible for the BMW account both nationally and internationally as Managing Director with her team of over 60. In 2009 she made the decision to start her own business. Stephanie lives in Berlin with her two children and her husband.