Contribute with trainings and coaching sessions or present yourself or your experts

LiveTrainingCenter: stage set for exhibitors, trainers, consultants and coaches

The LiveTrainingCenter offers a special format for presentations of companies with a broad training offer, for individual trainers, coaches and consultants at the exhibition of herCAREER: at the special exhibition area LiveTrainingCenter you will be able to hold two presentations per day at the integrated presentation floor. The presentation floor has room for about 10 to 15 seats and offers the visitor the possibility to experience trainers, coaches and consultants live to gain valuable insights into their trainings and coachings. The place to promote your coaching, workshop, program, or other offers.

Topics for presentations by trainers, consultants and coaches include:

  • Speech
  • Presentation techniques
  • Moderation
  • Vocal training
  • Sales pitches
  • SEO
  • Mentoring
  • Work culture & entrepreneurial thinking
  • Project Management

Topics of workshops and consulting for founders and startups include:

  • Talking to your bank – how to prepare
  • Insurances for founders and startups
  • Tax questions when starting a business
  • Successful communication and sales – for founders
  • Becoming a franchisee – an alternative to starting a business
  • Employee contracts – for founders
  • Protection of innovations and how to prevent reprimands in selling online

Request your registration papers for this special format today, the number of exhibition spots are limited. Detailled information about the LiveTrainingCenter is available at