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Career exhibition herCAREER offers trainers, counsellors and coaches a special opportunity to present their services: At the special area LiveTrainingCenter they have the chance to present parts of their coaching on the integrated stage twice a day.

The area is equipped with around 10 to 15 seats and offers our visitors the chance to experience parts of the training, counseling and coaching live on stage.

Therefore the visitors gain a unique insight into the trainer’s, counsellor’s and coach’s style and way of giving advice and counseling.

Trainers, counsellors and coaches may talk about the following topics e.g.:

  • Rhetoric
  • Presentation techniques
  • Business coaching
  • Vocal coaching

There are workshops and seminars addressing women interested in founding their own business with the following topic:

  • Talking to your bank – be well prepared
  • Insurance for Start-Ups/ entrepreneurs
  • Taxation for Start-Ups
  • Communicate and Sell more successfully
  • To draw up an employment contract
  • Legal advice for female Start-Up founders and entrepreneurs

Request the registration documents for the special area today! Because the number of exhibitors is limited. For detailed information write us an e-mail at