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Content Agentur für Frauengesundheit

Kerstin Lüking has been an advocate of women’s health for more than 25 years - she has long been well-known in the industry: mother of seven, midwife, Spiegel author, book author, host of the dm Germany podcast ‘Hey Familie’ and patron of Sara Nuru’s association ‘NuruWomen’, The health of all women and mothers is Kerstin Lüking’s passion. Her new book on women’s health, ‘Königin im Wochenbett’, is aimed particularly at mothers. She has accompanied more than 4,000 families in recent years and learnt what women and couples, as well as employers, are missing in this special stage of life. One thing is certain: the topic is completely underestimated. www.kerstinlueking.de