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DataGuard is a fast-growing tech company with a clear purpose: we protect the people behind the data. With 250+ team members in over 20 countries and in four cities (Munich, Berlin, London and Vienna), we help more than 3.000+ international customers to thrive with Privacy, Information Security and Compliance . To do that, we combine best-in-class expert support with our self-developed SaaS platform to offer an all-in-one solution for security and compliance.


Business environment

New-work environment with lean hierarchies
Start-up environment or start-up like environment


Along our core fundamental values, we cover all areas of benefits including mobility, family care, fitness and wellbeing, relocation, and remote work support. Check out the full overview of our benefits here:

Major enterprise: up to 250 employees

founding year


Language competence required

Deutsch: Expert language skills (C1)
Englisch: Expert language skills (C1)
Further language skills are not required

Education qualifications:

Master's degree / German Magister
Master’s Degree
1st state examination
2nd state examination
3rd state examination

We are specifically looking for the following location(s)





Europe except Germany

Central Europe



We are looking for employees with the following professional & functional competence profile

Content & Influencer Marketing
Management (with leadership experience) – 06g
Entry (expertise self-taught) – 06b
Entry (after further training) – 06c
Entry (after studies with < 3 years of work experience) – 06d
ProfProfessional (experience > 3 years) – 06e
Management (without leadership experience) – 06f
Lateral entry – 06a

Data Analytics
Entry (expertise self-taught) – 07b
Entry (after further training) – 07c
Entry (after studies with < 3 years of work experience) – 07d
Professional (experience > 3 years) – 07e
Management (without leadership experience) – 07f
Management (with leadership experience) – 07g
Lateral entry – 07a

Data Science & Artificial Intelligence
Entry (expertise self-taught) – 08b
Entry (after further training) – 08c
Lateral entry – 08a

Digital Marketing & Sales
Entry (expertise self-taught) – 10b
Entry (after sfurther training) – 10c
Entry (after studies with < 3 years of work experience) – 10d
Professional (experience > 3 years) – 10e
Lateral entry – 10a

Finance / Taxation
Management (with leadership experience) -45g
Entry (expertise self-taught) -45b
Entry (after further training) -45c
Entry (after studies with < 3 years of work experience) -45d
Professional (experience > 3 years) -45e
Management (without leadership experience) -45f
Lateral entry -45a

Computer science
Entry (expertise self-taught) – 17b
Entry (after further training) –17c
Entry (after studies with < 3 years of work experience) – 17d
Professional (experience > 3 years) – 17e
Management (without leadership experience) – 17f
Management (with leadership experience) – 17g
Lateral entry – 17a

IT Security
Management (with leadership experience) – 20g
Entry (expertise self-taught) – 20b
Entry (after further training) – 20c
Entry (after studies with < 3 years of work experience) – 20d
Professional (experience > 3 years) – 20e
Management (without leadership experience) – 20f
Lateral entry – 20a

Communication / PR / media / linguistics and cultural studies
Entry (expertise self-taught) – 21b
Entry (after further training) – 21c
Entry (after studies with < 3 years of work experience) – 21d
Professional (experience > 3 years) – 21e
Management (without leadership experience) – 21f
Management (with leadership experience) – 21g
Lateral entry – 21a

Online Marketing / Social Media Management
Management (with leadership experience) – 29g
Entry (expertise self-taught) – 29b
Entry (after further training) – 29c
Entry (after studies with < 3 years of work experience) – 29d
Professional (experience > 3 years) – 29e
Management (without leadership experience) – 29f
Lateral entry – 29a

Software engineering / software development / coding
Management (with leadership experience) – 33g
Entry (expertise self-taught) – 33b
Entry (afterfurther training) – 33c
Entry (after studies with < 3 years of work experience) – 33d
Professional (experience > 3 years) – 33e
Management (without leadership experience) – 33f
Lateral entry – 33a

Entry (expertise self-taught) – 34b
Entry (after further training) – 34c
Entry (after studies with < 3 years of work experience) – 34d
Professional (experience > 3 years) – 34e
Management (without leadership experience) – 34f
Management (with leadership experience) – 34g
Lateral entry – 34a

Distribution & trade
Management (with leadership experience) – 38g
Entry (expertise self-taught) – 38b
Entry (after further training) – 38c
Entry (after studies with < 3 years of work experience) – 38d
Professional (experience > 3 years) – 38e
Management (without leadership experience) – 38f
Lateral entry – 38a

Management (with leadership experience) – 41g
Entry (expertise self-taught) – 41b
Entry (after further training) – 41c
Entry (after studies with < 3 years of work experience) – 41d
Professional (experience > 3 years) – 41e
Management (without leadership experience) – 41f

Economy / administration
Entry (expertise self-taught) – 40b
Entry (after further training) – 40c
Entry (after studies with < 3 years of work experience) – 40d
Professional (experience > 3 years) – 40e
Management (without leadership experience) – 40f
Management (with leadership experience) – 40g
Lateral entry – 40a

We are looking for employees for the following fields of activity

Consultation / Consulting
Business Development
Customer Service & Customer Care
Graphics & Design
Communication & PR
Marketing & Advertising
Human Resources
Supply Chain Management
Distribution / Sales
Miscellaneous / Other

We are looking for employees for the following specific topics and specialist areas

Banking / Finance / Financial Services and Insurance

Financial Accounting / Balance Sheet Accounting

Design / Art

Graphic and communication design, Media / Screen / Web design

Information technology

Data Protection, IT Security, Software development, UI / UX, Web Development, Business Informatics

Marketing and Communication

Brand Management, Content & Influencer Marketing, Digital Marketing & Sales, Event Marketing, Journalism / Editing, Media Planning / Purchase, Online Marketing, Performance Marketing, PR / Corporate Communications, Social Media Management, Other: Communication, Other: Marketing

HR Department

Compensation & Benefits, HR Development / Education / Training, Wages / Salary, Recruiting / HR Marketing, Other: HR Department


Assistance, Other: Law

Distribution / Customer Relationship Management / Sales

Consulting / Advice, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Pre-Sales, Sales, Telesales, Other: Distribution and Sales

Management and business sciences / Economics / Administration

Office Management, Administration, Other: Administration