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de’ge’pol W - Das Netzwerk für Politikberaterinnen in der Deutsche Gesellschaft für Politikberatung e.V.

We want to increase the visibility of women in political consulting and boost careers in our industry by providing a platform for professional exchange and networking. de’ge’pol W is open to women of all career levels working in political consulting and public affairs and lobbying etc. Through events (panel discussions and career workshops) and networking activities specifically for women in political consulting in Germany, we want to create a platform for female political consultants and make our industry visibly more female.

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Maija CorintidegepolW / Maximilian König

Maija Corinti
Head of Government Affairs


13/10/2023 03:15 PM - 04:00 PM

MeetUp D.08 | Halle / hall 2

Thread / thematic series: Law, Taxation & Politics , Career & Job Application

Joblevel: Career entry, Professional, Leading position, Lateral entry

Lobbying - Make a Difference in a Democracy!
What is lobbying and why should you pursue this as a career? Lobbying - or public affairs - is an essential part in the democratic process. Contrary to its image, it takes place in transparent and multilateral processes. Policy makers need topical input, and representatives of professional organisations provide it according to their specific position in the market and society. It is an extremely versatile career path, full of strategic opportunities to grow personally, and directly relevant to the development of the world we all live in. Join this meet-up to gain practical insights about a career in public affairs, ask questions and very likely gain a new perspective!

Details about the speaker Maija Corinti
Vita: Based on an academic background in philosophy and politics, Maija Corinti built a European career in public affairs and political interest representation. Her experience covers the EU bubble in Brussels, federal German politics in Berlin, the Northern European Capitals and several more. Having started within the financial services sector, she now focuses on digital transformation and tech policy. Maija Corinti is the co-founder of the degepolW network for women in the public affairs sector and a Board member of Women in Leadership Europe (WIL).