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Deutsche Aircraft GmbH

We are an aircraft manufacturer with a strong heritage looking to continue our story. Headquartered to the west of Munich, we are recognized by international aviation authorities as a development, manufacturing and maintenance company, That is why today we are focusing our full energy on developing and manufacturing a new generation of technically advanced aircraft in Germany. Share with us the vision and ambition to drive the transformation of flying and to make our contribution to safe and energy-efficient air transport.

Job Offers

Business environment

Organizational structure with multiple career opportunities
Start-up environment or start-up like environment
International environment


Possibility to work form home
Subsidization of the canteen
Career promotion & development opportunities
Sustainable Corporate Benefits
Capital-forming benefits
Company pension plan
Accident insurance
Compatibility of job & family
Employee activities and team events
Relocation support

Major enterprise: up to 250 employees

Language competence required

Deutsch: Expert language skills (C1)
German language skills are not required
Advanced language use (B1)
Englisch: Advanced language use (B1)
Self-guided speech application (B2)
Expert language skills (C1)
(Approximate) Native language skills (C2)
Further language skills are not required

Education qualifications:

Advanced technical college entrance qualification
University entrance qualification
Master's degree / German Magister
Master’s Degree
Master craftsman

We are specifically looking for the following location(s)







We are looking for employees with the following professional & functional competence profile

Digital Marketing & Sales
Entry (after sfurther training) – 10c
Entry (after studies with < 3 years of work experience) – 10d
Professional (experience > 3 years) – 10e

Research & Development
Entry (after studies with < 3 years of work experience) -46d
Professional (experience > 3 years) -46e

Computer science
Entry (after further training) –17c
Entry (after studies with < 3 years of work experience) – 17d
Professional (experience > 3 years) – 17e
Lateral entry – 17a

Engineering (others)
Entry (after further training) – 18c
Entry (after studies with < 3 years of work experience) – 18d
Professional (experience > 3 years) – 18e
Management (with leadership experience) – 18g

Production / manufacturing
Entry (after further training) – 32c
Entry (after studies with < 3 years of work experience) – 32d
Professional (experience > 3 years) – 32e
Lateral entry – 32a

Business Informatics
Management (with leadership experience) -50g
Professional (experience > 3 years) -50e

Traffic / logistics
Entry (expertise self-taught) – 37b
Entry (after further training) – 37c
Entry (after studies with < 3 years of work experience) – 37d
Professional (experience > 3 years) – 37e
Lateral entry – 37a

Entry (after further training) – 41c
Entry (after studies with < 3 years of work experience) – 41d
Professional (experience > 3 years) – 41e

Economy / administration
Entry (after further training) – 40c
Entry (after studies with < 3 years of work experience) – 40d
Professional (experience > 3 years) – 40e
Lateral entry – 40a

We are looking for employees for the following fields of activity

Controlling & Planning
Purchasing / Procurement
Graphics & Design
Marketing & Advertising
Project Management
Quality assurance / Quality management
Accounting / Bookkeeping
Processing & Administration
Supply Chain Management

We are looking for employees for the following specific topics and specialist areas

Purchasing / Materials Management / Logistics

Disposition, Warehouse logistics, Supply Chain Management, Other: Purchasing, Other: Logistics

Craft / Manufacturing / Service

Manufacturing / Production, Mechanics

Information technology

Application administration, Helpdesk, SAP ERP consulting / development, System Administration / Network Administration, Business Informatics

Engineering and technical professions

Dental Technology, Electrical engineering / Electronics, Renewable energy, Construction / Visualization, Aerospace technology, Mechanical Engineering