Last week, Personio announced the “HR Top Voices.” Personio states: “HR Top Voices, renowned personalities in the field of human resources, share their insights, opinions, and valuable tips online – inspiring HR professionals in their work”: “Who shares the most valuable content, who inspires their own community the most, and who is truly worth clicking the ‘Follow’ button for?”

I am very pleased and honored to have received awards in the following two categories:

  • LinkedIn (Bronze)
  • Podcasts (Gold)

“The published contributions of HR professionals were carefully reviewed and evaluated to ensure that they provide added value in the field of Human Resources,” said Personio. “In addition to quantitative aspects, qualitative criteria also play a significant role in the ranking.”

The award for the herCAREER Voice podcast is particularly special to us, and I would like to share it with our Editor-in-Chief, Julia Hägele, who has been leading this initiative since she came on board.

In the “herCAREER Voice Podcast / Let’s talk about herCAREER,” we give a platform to individuals who are passionate about a diverse and equitable working world – both at the live herCAREER Expo and within the herCAREER community.

We launched our podcast in October 2018 with a small budget. Since then, we have become more professional, taken the podcast to the next level, and introduced various formats.

herCAREER Voice examines various aspects of our working world from different perspectives, including social, political, and scientific aspects, with a particular focus on women’s career planning. Whether it’s about professional growth and self-development, entrepreneurship, finances, or work-life balance, we discuss careers, women’s experiences, the challenges they face, and how they have grown through them.

The diverse topics highlighted and discussed at the herCAREER Expo are reflected in our podcast. It’s a great way to catch up on events and conversations you may have missed at the fair because you can’t be everywhere at once! In addition, we offer a wealth of interviews and discussions with fascinating role models that we have recorded throughout the year.

#herCAREER Channels bei Spotify und Apple Podcast abonnieren.

Mein ganz herzlicher Dank geht an Julia Hägele für die zahlreichen Interviews und Gespräche und auch unsere Gast-Interviewierinnen , die sie für den Podcast geführt hat, unsere zahlreichen Gäste, die großartige Einblicke bisher gewährt haben – und natürlich an Personio für die großartigen Auszeichnungen!