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The herCAREER podcast features people who care about a diverse and equitable workplace – from the herCAREER Expo live and from the herCAREER community. We talk about female experiences, careers and challenges, as well as how to achieve a good work-life balance.

herCAREER Podcast gehört zu den HR Top Voices 2023 von Personio

The herCAREER Podcast has been awarded “HR Top Voices” in Gold by Personio. MORE

Julia Hägele Chefredakteuring herCAREER

Julia Hägele, Editor-in-Chief of herCAREER, manages the herCAREER Podcast. The journalist and author appreciates it when people share their personal journeys with her – what they are passionate about, the courageous decisions they have made, and how they balance their lives between their careers and other commitments. Her favorite format is the conversation, both in the podcast and in the traditional interview format.

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