The birth of a child is a wonderful opportunity to reflect on paternal actions and, if necessary, to radicalize them. The child is born into a world with traditional role distribution: working fathers and predominantly care-taking mothers.

“With the Corona crisis, many now fear a relapse into old caregiving patterns. But when had family life here ever seriously freed itself from these patterns? […] A fair distribution of work, care, and leisure is only possible with sacrifices, […] which primarily fathers would have to make,” writes Daniel Gerhardt on ZEIT ONLINE.

“It is mainly women who keep our world running – unpaid, on the side, and too tired to rebel. Maybe it’s time for us men to use the crisis as an opportunity to reflect on who is really needed,” writes education journalist Birk Grüling on XING.

Alongside women who these days express concerns about inequality, being overwhelmed, and left alone, as well as a looming backlash, I increasingly notice men expressing similar sentiments.

I think it is important that we have this discussion together.

What changes do you wish for from the economy, politics, and society?

herVIEW - Natascha Hoffner

Posted by Natascha Hoffner, Founder & CEO of herCAREER, WiWo columnist, LinkedIn TOP Voice 2020, W&V 2019 – 100 Köpfe
published on LinkedIn on 11.06.2024