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Andrea Rexer

Andrea Rexer
Head of Corporate Communications, HypoVereinsbank/UniCredit

Onejiru ArfmannGulliver Theis

Onejiru Arfmann
Founder and Creative Directrice, Future Female Africa

Sabrina Spielberger

Sabrina Spielberger
Ad-Tech-Founder, Investor & Founder of Ensani Foundation

Jaclyn Schnau

Jaclyn Schnau
Founder & CEO, Pumpkin Organics GmbH


13.10.2023 | 12:05 – 12:50 Uhr

Auditorium 2 | Halle / hall 3

It’s just business, baby! Learn from 3 successful founders what it takes to build your own business

Have you ever dreamt with founding your own business? In this session, three very successful entrepreneurs share with you what skills you need if you want to found our own company. They share what makes them strong, what helped them building their own business, and how they overcome the daily challenges an own company brings with it. Let yourself be inspired by Jaclyn Schnau, Founder of the babyfood company Pumpkin Organics, by Onejiru Arfmann, Founder and Creative Directrice of Future Female Africa and by Sabrina Spielberger, Founder of the AdTech Company Digidip.
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Thema/Themenreihe: Wirtschaft, Arbeit & New Work, Existenzgründung & Unternehmertum

Joblevel: Einstieg, Professionals, Startup & Entrepreneurship

Details zum/r Moderator/in: Andrea Rexer
Vita: Andrea Rexer has been Head of Corporate Communications at HypoVereinsbank, a subsidiary of the Italian Banking Group UniCredit, since April 2020. The team covers internal and external communications, social media, institutional affairs and cultural & social engagement.

Previously, she worked as a journalist for many years, most recently as Head of Department for Companies and Markets at Handelsblatt. For many years, she worked for Sueddeutsche Zeitung, initially as a correspondent and bureau chief in Frankfurt. Later, she headed the financial desk at SZ’s headquarters in Munich, and she also put her heart and soul into shaping the editorial team of the women’s business magazine PLAN W. The magazine’s goal is to make visible women who are excellent at what they do and thus become role models for others.

Andrea has won several journalism awards, including the Ludwig Erhard Prize for Business Journalism. With the prestigious Burns Fellowship, she worked for the Canadian online platform „The Tyee“ in Vancouver in 2014.

As a sideline, she is a passionate mentor for young talents and she hosts the podcast „Values and Leadership” for Wertekommission e.V., where personalities from all areas of society talk about lived values and when a real attitude can also be uncomfortable sometimes. She also moderates events in German and English, e.g. at the WebSummit in Lisbon, the world’s largest digital conference with 60,000 participants, or the SZ Business Summit, or the Handelsblatt Automotive Summit. In 2017, she moderated a series of public debates with the leading candidates of the parliamentary parties in Vienna in the run-up to the Austrian National Council elections. She has also been a guest on TV talk shows on several occasions.

Details zum/r Teilnehmer/in: Onejiru Arfmann
Vita: ONEJIRU ARFMANN’s journey reflects her deep commitment to women’s empowerment, promoting artists and entrepreneurs of African descent and the Diaspora. Her background, having been born in Nairobi and grown up in Germany, likely contributes to her diverse perspective and passion for cross-cultural collaboration. As a musician and visionary founder, she has used her artistic skills and extensive tours to captivate audiences worldwide. Beyond her music career, ONEJIRU’s dedication to women’s empowerment led her to become a spokesperson for Music Hamburg Women, actively supporting and promoting women in the music industry. The co-initiation and co-founding of the „SISTERS“ band project demonstrate her commitment to amplifying women’s voices and promoting diversity. These initiatives likely create meaningful platforms for artists of African descent and women in the music industry to showcase their talents and gain recognition. Taking her entrepreneurial spirit to new heights, ONEJIRU founded „FUTURE FEMALE AFRICA“ (FFA) in 2021. This network brings together female leaders (SHEROS) from Africa and the Diaspora, aiming to foster cross-sectoral collaboration and knowledge transfer. By providing a platform for women to access markets and investments sustainably, FFA seeks to improve the quality of life for women in the long term. The vision of „FFA in DIALOGUE“ emphasises empowering women with opportunities to connect, inspire, and enrich their professional journeys, paving the way for a thriving future where women can drive positive change on a global level. Her involvement in the advisory board of the Viva con Agua Foundation shows a commitment to broader social issues beyond women’s empowerment, indicating a well-rounded approach to creating positive impact and contributing to society. Overall, ONEJIRU ARFMANN’s endeavours and passion for social, gender, and music issues showcase a remarkable dedication to making a difference in the lives of women, artists, and communities in Africa and the Diaspora. Her work exemplifies the power of entrepreneurship and creativity in driving positive change and building a more inclusive and equitable world.

Details zum/r Teilnehmer/in: Sabrina Spielberger
Vita: Sabrina is an investor, entrepreneur and speaker with a focus on leadership, growth and exit. With her first startup digidip, a global content monetization platform, she has already built a successful company – without any VC investments. In 2021, she sold 100% of her company to Waterland Private Equity as part of a buy & build mission. Today, she is also the founder of the Ensani Foundation, a non-profit organization that promotes educational equity for socially and financially disadvantaged groups. Through her work with the Ensani Foundation, she is committed to raising awareness about diversity and inclusion in our society.

Details zum/r Teilnehmer/in: Jaclyn Schnau
Vita: Jaclyn Schnau is the Founder and CEO of Pumpkin Organics. Born in Canada, she has always been committed to reducing the sugar content of products during her time at some of the world’s leading food companies. Since 2016, she has been a passionate ambassador for healthier baby and kids food and fights relentlessly to improve our children’s nutrition.

After completing her MBA at Harvard University, she worked as the Global Marketing Manager for Häagen Dazs Cafes, then took over as Marketing Director, Experince, at Pizza Hut UK. In 2012, she moved to Munich for love and became Chief Customer Officer at Windeln.de and then CEO of Windelbar. Jaclyn is a mentor, guest lecturer, angel investor, food lover, but first and foremost, she is a very proud mother to her daughter Olivia and son Max (who are also the Chief Product Testers at Pumpkin Organics!).

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