The exhibition matching – for a targeted exchange

For the first time a career exhibition uses the digital possibilities of an exhibition matching. Visitors are not only navigated to the exhibitors’ offers, but are also offered a platform for targeted exchange.

herCAREER offers its visitors something very special: exhibition matching. Visitors will find everything that is important for them and their career planning before and after the exhibition – no matter whether they are starting a job, advancing or starting a business.

Like no other career exhibition, herCAREER stands for networking, digitization, knowledge transfer and interaction. The herCAREER focuses on algorithms and is therefore very up-to-date. Using a scientifically based questionnaire technique, visitors are given the opportunity to obtain suitable matches for the numerous exhibitors and speakers, but also for the stand staff. For the first time, herCAREER makes use of digitization within a trade exhibition like no other exhibition and additionally connects visitors with exciting personalities for a personal exchange.

On a questionnaire, visitors can indicate the background of their visit to the exhibition:

  • Jobs
  • Networks/ Media / Institutions
  • Executive Training
  • Offers for better compatibility
  • Consulting services (law, health, career, social media etc.)
  • Start-up & entrepreneurship
  • Money, Finance & Pensions

On the other hand, they should also indicate which competencies they have acquired at which level for effective matching. On the basis of the information they provide, the visitors receive suggestions for the exhibitors’ offerings from the exciting segments they selected in the questionnaire.

But herCAREER goes one step further: For example, if a visitor is looking for an exchange on the topic of “autonomous driving”, an expert will be suggested to her, who will be present at an exhibition stand and available for an exchange, in the future. In addition to the offer, matching also takes place on a personal exchange on a “search/offer” basis. This way, the stand personnel and the speakers of herCAREER become active participants and can not only be available for an exchange of experience and knowledge, but also be informed who of the thousands of visitors could be an exciting sparring partner for them and help them advance themselves.

About one week before the exhibition (depending on the time of registration), visitors will receive matching proposals with suitable offers – for example, at which exhibition stand they will receive information on changing careers in IT / TECH or projects in which they can help shape digitization without a classical computer science or mathematics degree. In addition, they will be offered concrete Meet-Ups / Talks / Discussions – i.e. concrete contents of the exhibition.

To ensure that you can benefit from the matches, we are already looking forward to a lively involvement of all participants.

To participate in the herCAREER trade fair matching, secure your tickets now: