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Personalised recommendations:

  • These exhibitors/employers are a good match for you
  • These are the programme items you should not miss
  • These are the people you should meet


  • Gain useful learnings and information
  • Meet interesting exhibitors / employers*
  • Get to know inspiring experts / role models
  • Expand your network

*By accepting a match, you decide whether your data will be transmitted. This way you keep control of your data and only generate matches that you really want.

Superpower exhibition matching – for a targeted exchange

The superpower of the herCAREER-Expo is the exhibition matching, with which you as a visitor can plan your visit to the exhibition as effectively as possible.

The herCAREER Expo stands for networking, digitalisation, knowledge transfer and interaction like no other career fair. It relies on algorithms and is therefore fully in line with the trend. Based on a scientifically founded questionnaire technique, you have the opportunity to receive suitable matches to the numerous exhibitors and speakers, but also to the stand personnel and the extensive trade fair programme. In this way, herCAREER-Expo is a pioneer in using digitalisation within a trade fair to connect organisers and visitors.

On a questionnaire, you can indicate your interests/concerns when visiting the exhibition:

  • jobs
  • networks/media/institutions
  • further education
  • offers for a better work-life balance
  • advisory services (law, health, career, social media, etc.)
  • business start-ups & entrepreneurship
  • money
  • finances & pensions.

In addition, you can also specify which skills you have at which level for effective matching. Based on the information you provide, you will receive suggestions on what the exhibitors have to offer.

But herCAREER goes one step further: if you are looking for an exchange on the topic of “autonomous driving”, for example, an expert will be suggested to you who is available for an exchange at the exhibition stand. A matching for personal exchange takes place on a “search/offer” basis.

In this way, stand personnel and speakers become active participants; on the one hand, they are available for an exchange of experience and knowledge and, on the other hand, they are informed about who among the thousands of visitors could be an exciting sparring partner for themselves and help them to advance.

From two weeks before the exhibition (depending on the time of registration), you will receive matching suggestions with suitable offers – for example, which exhibition stands offer information on lateral entry into IT/TECH or on projects in which you can help shape digitalisation. In addition, specific programme items such as meet-ups/talks/discussions that fit your profile will be suggested to you.

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With QR code into the employer talent pool

As a visitor, you have the opportunity to hand over your digital application portfolio directly to the respective exhibitor of your choice at the exhibition stand and thus be included in the talent pool. Simply by having your visitor badge scanned with the QR code to your data.

This is how it works:

  • When you buy your ticket directly in the shop, you will receive a link to upload your CV after successful registration.
  • You can print out your visitor badge and bring it with you to the exhibition or save it on your smartphone.
  • The QR code on your visitor badge can be scanned by the exhibiting companies on site. All employers at the exhibition will take part in the scanning process.
  • After the scan, you will be in the talent pool of the companies you have selected. The further exchange takes place directly between you and the company.
  • Good to know: You decide who you want to hand over your data to.

Please note:

  • In order for the data to be transferred correctly: When registering, make sure that you enter your data completely and correctly. The organiser will NOT be able to make any changes manually afterwards.
  • The visitor pass will only be sent by email and therefore digitally. If the email address entered during registration is incorrect, delivery via email cannot take place. As no correction is possible, you will have to register again.
  • Didn’t receive an email? Check your SPAM folder.
  • Tried everything without success? If all else fails, contact us.