Anaïs Cosneau

Happy Immo Club

Anaïs Cosneau is 40 years old and has three wonderful children. But that hasn’t stopped her from spending the last 13 years in leadership positions in real estate development. Stops in Shanghai, Beijing, Tokyo, Singapore, Aberdeen, Lausanne, Wuppertal, Essen and Paris, as well as first place in a real estate competition at the European Business School have shown Anaïs how much impact she has as a real estate owner and developer to exercise her passion to shape and improve cities.

Working with well-known figures in the real estate world such as Anne Lacaton, Philip Johnson, Albert Speer, Dr. Bone-Winkel, Jürgen Groß, Eike Becker and Norbert Hermanns has taught Anaïs to never be afraid to think big and dream big. Her focus is project development and building new business models in the real estate industry.

Land development, social housing with a special angle or building rights for new neighborhoods from Shanghai to Berlin, the radius of her projects is worldwide. She is a courageous visionary who fights for women and wants to realize future-oriented projects with them.

Anaïs mission statement:
My passion is to enable more freedom for women through financial independence!