Andrea Betz

Academy Speaker, Table Captain

Andrea Betz

spokeswoman for the Board
Diakonie München und Oberbayern

Andrea Betz is the spokesperson of the board at Diakonie München and Upper Bavaria. Her motivation lies in advocating for people, social justice, and giving a voice to the disadvantaged. As the first woman on the board, she oversees six operational departments, corporate communication, and social policy. Additionally, she serves as the chairwoman of the supervisory board for the Trägerverein für regionale soziale Arbeit München e.V. (Association for Regional Social Work in Munich).

She also holds a teaching position at the Hochschule München (Munich University of Applied Sciences). Andrea made the decision to work in the nonprofit sector at a young age when she was deeply involved in youth work. After studying Social Work (holding a degree in Dipl. Sozialpädagogin), she pursued further qualifications in project and event management, as well as business administration.

Following her studies, she worked as a leader at Caritas for eight years before joining Diakonie. There, she served as a department head in the areas of homelessness and refugee assistance, as well as in the field of migration and asylum. Since 2020, she has also been responsible for the social and umbrella association work of Diakonie.

Andrea has been a board member since May 2021, with her responsibilities also encompassing gender equality and diversity issues. Under her guidance in 2022, Diakonie developed a guideline “Handling of Sexualized Violence among Employees” and trained over 600 executives on this topic. If an incident occurs, it is her concern to protect and support the affected individuals while ensuring a professional investigation.


At the herCAREER Academy
Let´s talk about SEXismus @work – denn Sexismus ist nach wie vor omnipräsent – auch in der Arbeitswelt.