Speaker, Table Captain

Anna Sophie Herken

Business Division Head, Allianz Asset Management GmbH, Supervisory Board member Allianz Life and
CPIC Fund Management Ltd, on the Board of Trustees of the AllBright Foundation

Anna Sophie Herken is Business Division Head at Allianz Asset Management GmbH as well as a Supervisory Board member at Allianz Life in the USA and CPIC Fund Management Ltd in China. Anna has – rather untypically for the classic German career path – gained experience in diverse sectors and many different countries: She has served as CFO at HPC Capital, Managing Director of the Hertie School of Governance in Berlin, at the EBRD in London, worked for the World Bank in Washington DC on large projects in India, Africa and Eastern Europe, and worked for the German Federal Ministry of Economics. Anna studied law in Germany, France and the USA and later completed an MBA at Cambridge University. Anna is also involved in the Board of Trustees of the AllBright Foundation, which promotes more women and diversity in leadership positions in business, and on the Supervisory Board of the International Rescue Committee (IRC) Germany and Save the Children Germany. Anna is German-Swedish, has 2 children and lives in Berlin and Munich.