Brit Neuburger

Speaker, Table Captain

Brit Neuburger

Chief Transformation Officer & Senior Advisor BCG
Boston Consulting Group

“75% of all company transformations fail – not those led by Brit Neuburger.”

Brit Neuburger makes companies and organizations future-ready for a world where disruption and multiple crises are the new normal.

After fifteen years of executive responsibility in various industries, Brit Neuburger has been a Senior Advisor at Boston Consulting Group since 2023. She advises and empowers companies in tackling cross-cutting transformation challenges, focusing on operating models, digitalization, and sustainability.

In her presentations, Brit Neuburger shares her experiences and learnings from her role as Chief Transformation Officer in the automotive tech industry, among other topics. She talks about the need for a culture of innovation, speed, trust, and empowerment, as well as the obstacles and blind spots on the path to success. The former corporate lawyer and General Counsel believes that the key to future viability lies in an adaptable governance and leadership system, advocating in her publications for freeing companies from internal bureaucracy and abolishing 50% of processes, committees, and rules within organizations.

Brit Neuburger has a wealth of experience in various fields and industries. After studying law in Freiburg, Oxford, and New York, she worked at the international law firm Linklaters, the industrial gases DAX corporation Linde, the privately held elevator company Wittur, and the automotive technology joint venture Osram Continental.

Brit Neuburger lives in Munich with her family and is involved in volunteer work with the aid organization Zeltschule e.V., providing support and education to Syrian children in refugee camps in Lebanon and Syria.