Deborah Hüller

Table Captain

Deborah Hüller

Client Partner Public Sector DACH
IBM Consulting

Deborah Hüller believes that women can achieve anything if they can imagine it. While she didn’t set out to become a partner in the consulting industry when she began her career at Deloitte Consulting in 2010, she always knew she would someday hold a leadership position. The main reason? A lack of role models who showed her what women could accomplish; she didn’t have them while growing up as a girl and young woman. She was raised by a grandmother who founded a company in the 1950s, which her mother (a single mother with two children) continued to run from the 1980s.

Today, she looks back on a “quite steep career,” as she puts it. From being an intern to becoming a director at Deloitte in 11 years, “that’s an achievement to be proud of!” Deborah loves to create and has been actively involved in building various new areas for Deloitte over the years, including the innovation unit, the Deloitte Garage, a Center of Excellence for Analytics, an Innovation Delivery Center, and a new service unit. Most recently, she led a team of almost 100 consultants specializing in advising clients in the public sector. “Hiring more than 50 people during the second lockdown was quite an exciting experience,” she recalls.

Since January 2022, she has been a partner at IBM Consulting, advising clients from the Federal Ministry of Finance and the Federal Environment Agency on digital transformation initiatives. She gained extensive experience in implementing analytics and AI solutions initially in the financial sector and the automotive industry. Since 2018, she has brought this experience to her work with the public sector.

2.5 years ago, she decided to give her life more space and has been working 80% since then, so she jokingly refers to herself as a “part-time partner.”

At 37 years old today, she is still one of the youngest in many professional circles. Sometimes an advantage, but often a challenge. She looks forward to sharing her experiences with you during the dinner!