Christa Stienen

Speaker, Table Captain

Christa Stienen

Long-Standing CPO/CHRO, Practitioner, Entrepreneur, Supervisor and C-level Coach

Christa Stienen, a top executive in human resources, is a results-oriented HR professional and dynamic leader with a proven track record of rebuilding modern HR departments. In doing so, she always keeps the people in the company in mind, in addition to the business results. With over 25 years of successful practice and professional experience as a leader in various industries, including trade, pharma, aviation, logistics, and non-profit organizations, Christa Stienen, formerly Chief Human Resources Manager and Chief People Officer, has held positions at companies such as Metro AG, Daiichi Sankyo, Lufthansa AG, DB Schenker, and Hellmann SE.

With her comprehensive strategic and content management experience, she is regarded as a proven expert in transformation, strategy, and assuming responsibility in crisis situations, and is a valued partner in executive teams. She has profound international experience in supporting large, diverse workforces, particularly in international matrix organizations. Christa stands for structured, diversity-oriented talent management and customized employer branding. She is an expert in communication and has already successfully demonstrated this in various crisis situations. Her strategic and complex, holistic thinking and perspective make her a sought-after expert and C-level coach when it comes to multidisciplinary work. She is an authority on all personnel matters and has proven her expertise in local, federal, and European committees. Christa manages and negotiates a very active social partnership on an equal footing with employee representatives.

Through her various roles, she is very confident and experienced in strategic, administrative, and operational HR work and therefore knows what she is talking about. Christa Stienen not only has comprehensive insights and experience in general management of profit organizations but also in the management of public and non-profit organizations. She teaches at various universities at home and abroad, is a passionate networker, and a savvy supervisory board member of numerous cross-industry organizations and startups. She works in various think tanks and was Vice President of the Federal Association of Personnel Managers for many years.