Claudia Frese, CEO und Vorstandsvorsitzende, MyHammer AG

Speaker, Table Captain

Claudia Frese

MyHammer AG

Claudia joined MyHammer in 2013. An experienced business strategist, she quickly started repositioning the brand. She initiated a redesign making the MyHammer application modern and user-friendly, launched mobile apps and put strong emphasis on customer care. Under her leadership, MyHammer has become Germany’s biggest home service marketplace. Since 2015, the company has been growing profitably at double-digit rates every year, while the number of employees doubled from 60 to 120.
Prior to MyHammer, Claudia held senior management positions at eBay and adviqo. She graduated from the University of Cologne, receiving a diploma in economics, political theory and history. She is a passionate sailor, practices yoga, is married and mother of a daughter.