Dr. Tanja Wielgoß

Table Captain

Dr. Tanja Wielgoß

Multi-Board Member, Co-Founder of FC Viktoria Berlin, and
Most Recently CEO and Technical Director of Vattenfall Wärme.

Dr. Tanja Wielgoß, a political scientist with a doctorate from Germany and France, established Germany’s airline association as its managing director, served as a partner at the international consulting firm Kearney, and held responsibilities for aviation in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. She held significant operational responsibilities as CEO and concurrently as Chief Technical Officer at Berliner Stadtreinigung and Vattenfall Wärme in Germany.

Utilizing her broad expertise, she now serves as co-founder and managing director of the C-Level Agency Stella Circle, which places top managers as individuals at the center of its business model, garnering attention in Davos since its launch in January 2024.

Additionally, she is a co-founder of “Germany’s most exciting football project,” FC Viktoria Berlin, and is involved in various supervisory boards and honorary positions, supporting diverse institutions and companies such as the globally active logistics/supply chain firm 4flow, the French company fifteen specializing in micro-mobility, the Technical University of Berlin, the Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Engineering and Organization, the AllBright Foundation, and the SPD Economic Forum.