Mohanna Azarmandi

Speaker, Table Captain

Mohanna Azarmandi

VP of Learning at CARIAD SE, the software and technology company of Volkswagen
former Chief Learning Officer at Microsoft

Mohanna Azarmandi is a visionary thought leader who supports organizations and individuals in navigating the fast-paced digital landscape. As VP of Learning at CARIAD SE, the software and technology company of Volkswagen, she unleashes a cultural revolution based on employee empowerment, continuous learning, and technology adoption. In her role as Chief Learning Officer at Microsoft, she utilized her expertise to establish groundbreaking L&D strategies and a culture of learning in Germany.

As a mentor, Mohanna Azarmandi is passionately dedicated to supporting women and women of color in the technology and digital industry. She creates inclusive environments that promote equal opportunities for professional growth. Furthermore, as a board member, she contributes her expertise in data literacy to shape the future data landscape in Germany.

Mohanna combines strategic vision, technical expertise, and people-oriented leadership to inspire her audience and initiate transformative changes. Her captivating insights span from cultural transformation and diversity to future-ready skills and the crucial role of education in digital transformation.