Franzi von Kempis

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Franzi von Kempis

Managing Director of der Vielfalt e.V.
Author and Journalist

Franzi von Kempis is a journalist, author, and has been the Managing Director of Charta der Vielfalt e.V. since 2022. The Tagesspiegel referred to her as a “conviction activist” in a 2022 profile. Her professional journey takes her to places where she can build teams and address important issues effectively. She previously served as the Editor-in-Chief for before taking on the role of establishing the Daimler Mobility Labs at Daimler AG in 2020. Indeed, the communication expert approaches everything she does with passion and conviction.

Perhaps her most unconventional career decision was made in the winter of 2021 during the pandemic, when she quit her job to help establish and lead a vaccination center in Berlin. Since 2022, she has been dedicated every day as the Co-Managing Director of Charta der Vielfalt e.V. to promote diversity and inclusion in the workplace, ensuring that these issues receive the attention they deserve.

She is also known as an opinion influencer. Using viral videos under the pseudonym “Besorgte Bürgerin” (Concerned Citizen), the journalist commented on political events and fought against online hate. In her book “Anleitung zum Widerspruch” (A Guide to Opposition), she provides arguments against prejudice and populism. Additionally, she provides consultancy services to organizations on topics such as leadership, democracy, AI, and communication/social media.


Interviewed by herCAREER
“Schlimmer als ausgesprochene Konflikte sind unausgesprochene Konflikte”

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Anleitung zum Widerspruch

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