Ich bin so frei

by Dr. Zoé von Finck
political scientist and economist

Freedom, women, getting things done: The podcast “Ich bin so frei” (“I am so free”) presents women who shape the future and move things forward – with heart and conviction. What drives them and what is their passion? The conversation centers on the value of freedom as a driver of innovation, ideas and self-realization.

Political scientist and economist Dr. Zoé von Finck discusses hurdles in the mind, freedom in the broadest sense and innovation with strong women. Objective, curious, gladly controversial, but always with heart. You’ll hear inspiring interviews with smart women who go their own way, follow their hearts, and soberly debate the topics of health, business, equal opportunities, climate change, start-ups, or even global relations. They all have one thing in common: they want to help shape our future. Feel free to listen in and be inspired.