Irene Bader

Exhibitor, Table Captain

Irene Bader

Board Member of DMG MORI Company Limited
CEO and Member of the Supervisory Board

Irene Bader is the first foreign woman to serve on the board of directors at DMG MORI – a globally leading manufacturer of machine tools headquartered in Japan. She oversees Global Corporate Communication and serves as Chief Marketing Officer. She has been with the company since 2005, holding various leadership positions. Under her leadership, the global marketing structure was established and consolidated throughout the corporation. DMG MORI is a global leader in high-precision machine tool manufacturing, with a presence in 43 countries – comprising 116 sales and service locations, including 17 production facilities. More than 13,000 employees in the “Global One Company” drive the development of holistic solutions in the manufacturing environment.

Irene Bader brings extensive experience to DMG MORI. After establishing marketing organizations in Asia, Europe, and the USA, she implemented a global marketing structure within the corporation. In doing so, she defined the corporate identity and significantly shaped DMG MORI’s global brand presence. Based in Munich and Tokyo, she is responsible for the strategic development and implementation of worldwide product communication as well as global external and internal communication. In recent years, she has consistently driven forward the digital transformation of communication activities, continually developing new communication concepts in the manufacturing industry that place people at the center, taking into account cultural nuances.

As Managing Director of DMG MORI Sports Marketing SAS, she also oversees the company’s global sports marketing activities. Furthermore, since 2016, she has represented the main shareholder, DMG MORI COMPANY LIMITED, on the supervisory board of the subsidiary DMG MORI AG.

Originally from Austria, she holds a Master’s in Business Administration and is currently pursuing a Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA) at Sheffield Hallam University, UK.