Nadine Nobile

Academy Speaker

Nadine Nobile

Founder of CO:X
Initiator of the network "New Work Women"

Recognising potential and enabling development – that is Nadine Nobile’s guiding principle. The founder of CO:X helps people in organisations to find new and, above all, unique ways to actively shape their future in a dynamic environment – especially when it comes to new remuneration systems. Tapping into existing potential, talent and experience plays a decisive role for her.

Nadine is an enthusiast of participative and diverse working environments. From 2014 – 2017 she was a companion of the project “AUGENHÖHE – Film und Dialog” and “AUGENHÖHEwege – Film und Dialog”. In June 2017, she initiated the “New Work Women” network, which has set itself the goal of bringing women’s ideas and innovations for the working world of the future to the world.

Nadine Nobile studied business education with a focus on marketing and organisational development at the University of Konstanz. From 2010 to 2017, she worked for a nationwide foundation. There she was committed to innovative and strength-oriented educational approaches. As a manager, she experienced on a daily basis what it takes for people to realise their potential and drive innovation.


At the herCAREER Academy
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