Nahid Shahalimi

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Nahid Shahalimi

Social Impact CEO, Bestseller Author, Producer, Human Rights Activist
her documentary We The Women of Afghanistan: a silent revolution about women in Afghanistan is award winning

Nahid Shahalimi is an Afghan-born Canadian her and founder of We The Women Ltd. – a social impact company. Moreover, she launched the Stand Up For Unity campaign in 2015, with global projects from the developing world to the creative digital industries, all of which have a social impact as their core purpose. Shahalimi has supported women’s and girls’ projects in Afghanistan for two decades. Her work intensified as she started her field trips and interviewed, filmed, and financed small grass-root projects on the ground within Afghanistan; most intensively since 2005: stretching from educational, creative, and empowerment projects to supporting the women’s national sports teams with equipment – all having female empowerment at its core – One of her current projects is a scholarship program for midwifery in rural Afghanistan that has been running since September 2021 in collaboration with a higher education facility in Afghanistan.


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