Prof. Yu Zhang 张彧

Table Captain

Prof. Yu Zhang 张彧

Entrepreneur, supervisory board/advisory board member, guest professor, author, and patron of the arts.

Yu Zhang was born in South China in 1973 and came to Germany as a young student in 1992. Since 1999, she has been an entrepreneur driven by passion. She has been a member of various supervisory boards and advisory boards since 2009. Additionally, she strengthens various economic networks, including being a member of the World Economic Council (the umbrella organization of the International Economic Senate) and the Circle of Multipliers of the Association of German Women Entrepreneurs (VDU), among others. She possesses a large national and international network.

Since 2004, Yu Zhang has also been a regular guest professor in International Management and has been a multiple book author since 2009. One of her practical books on business, “China and Germany 5.0,” featuring contributions from 20 top managers, was published in German in 2019 and in Chinese in 2020 (“聚力5.0:中德合作展望Cohesion 5.0: Sino-German Prospects”).

For the past 15 years, she has served as the honorary president of the non-profit society for German-Chinese cultural exchange (GeKA e.V.), promoting culture and arts. She is also involved as a patron for various school projects and supports charitable projects aimed at providing better development opportunities for children and young people in both countries. Since 2023, she has also been the host of the Female Impact Summit in Berlin, contributing to the advancement of gender equality in leadership positions.