Rezya Naseband-Iqbal

Academy Speaker

Rezya Naseband-Iqbal

Management & Executive Coach
Hanselmann & Compagnie GmbH

Rezya Naseband-Iqbal started as a Junior Consultant at the management consultancy firm Hanselmann & Compagnie GmbH in 2014, and after holding various positions, she was promoted to the management team in 2021. A significant part of her daily work involves managing complex projects in the corporate and medium-sized enterprise environment. Coaching executives is her passion, which she pursues both in mandates and in her own company. Before studying Production Management / Industrial Engineering, she was a trainer for commercial and technical professions, and honed her skills and abilities through a degree in Business Administration and a position as a PA in the industrial sector. Her core competencies lie mainly in organizational development, optimization of product development and production processes, as well as innovation management. Building strong relationships based on mutual trust is of utmost importance to her in dealing with her clients and employees.

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