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Susan Omondi

Author, Speaker & Trainer for Diversity & Ethics in Technology

Susan Omondi, born in Kenya, came to Germany in 1997 to study. With more than eighteen years of experience in well-known companies, she knows the ways in which diversity touches, scares and sometimes even inhibits people in their private and business lives. She inspires people and companies to embrace digitization, quality management, and ethics and diversity in design and technology as a keynote speaker, trainer, project manager, auditor, and facilitator. She approaches the topic of diversity and the challenges it presents in a very positive way, despite the rejection she has experienced herself. Backed by her own stories, she inspires people with profound yet humorous contributions and presentations. Her fans call her “life-changing.” Her way of conveying a message is “relaxed, groundbreaking and at the same time thought-provoking”. In this way, she takes away people’s fear. Her guiding principle is, “When we engage with each other, magic happens.” She is convinced that great things only happen when we trust people even more in their uniqueness. Her mission is to unleash the magic in people and in diversity, beyond diversity stories. Her vision: to shape a world where our message, products and solutions have a responsible impact on people. Susan Omondi lives in southern Germany with her husband and children.


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