Digitization is a major point at herCAREER. The need for experts in the field is great. That gives you a big chance for a career change. herCAREER supports you with different formats and additional information on lateral entry – also at the herCAREER-Expo.

Matching with employers: Once a year at the herCAREER-Expo, or all year long on herCAREER-Jobmatch – we connect you with employers who love to hire lateral entrants in the IT-sector. At the herCAREER job match, you enter how good your level of knowledge is. We are also matching you based on skills that you have acquired yourself.

All year long exchange: At herCAREER-Network, we are matching you with interesting people. Register for free and note down in your profile that you are interested in a career change to the IT sector.

Interviews at Learn & Connect: We have interviewed numerous lateral entrants for our community. Many of those are there for you all year long for an interaction as a sparring partner.

Interaction with role models and experts at the herCAREER-Expo: Have a chat and interact with experts who have already accomplished their career change into the IT sector and digital professions. In presentations, you can listen to interesting stories of career changers, who already succeeded in starting up an AI-Business without having a degree in computer science. It is best to use our digital Expo Matching in the run-up to the expo – simply book an expo ticket early on.

Future Talks on the herCAREER-Expo: Exhibiting companies are explaining which expertise is in demand in the IT sector. They present how they are driving digitization and New Work and which innovations they are currently working on.

Innovation Lab on the herCAREER-Expo: Exhibiting companies are presenting their hubs, accelerators, and incubators. So with the herCAREER-Platform, you are also at the right place if you plan to start up a business in the IT sector.

Ask your question about lateral entries: You have a specific question which you would like to pass on to the community? Use the crowd’s knowledge and post your concerns in the “herCAREER Exchange Experience Group” on LinkedIn.

We are looking forward to accompanying you on your journey into IT.