The employment rate of women has been steadily increasing for years. It has only now become clear to me that the number of hours worked by women has been declining significantly for years.

“Employed married women worked around 1,100 hours per year in 2016. In 1984, wives worked an average of nearly 1,400 hours per year. Since then, part-time jobs have become much more common, leading to a decrease in the number of hours worked. In 1984, four out of ten wives worked full-time, while in 2016, it was only about every fourth wife: from Süddeutsche Zeitung

“An abolition of the existing joint taxation system for married couples would not only be desirable for the sake of equality, to involve women more in the labor market, but it would also be beneficial for economic growth,” says economist Prof. Nicola Fuchs-Schündeln. “Our tax system discriminates against married women and keeps them away from the labor market.” And this at a time when they are needed more than ever.”

herVIEW - Natascha Hoffner

Posted by Natascha Hoffner, Founder & CEO of herCAREER, WiWo columnist, LinkedIn TOP Voice 2020, W&V 2019 – 100 Köpfe
published on LinkedIn on 03.2020