A heart attack is mainly characterized by chest pain, which can radiate into the left arm. True – but this often only applies to men. Women show different symptoms, ranging from nausea to fatigue and sleep disturbances. As a result, women often die more frequently from a heart attack, which is still considered a typical male disease.

In medical research, the man is the prototype. For example, the proportion of women in cardiovascular studies in Europe is between 18 and 24 percent – even though about 53 percent of those affected by cardiovascular diseases are female. This has serious consequences because women sometimes don’t even go to the doctor when they show certain symptoms such as simply feeling tired.

The Tagesspiegel has taken a closer look at the issue of gender-specific medicine. I discovered this article through Elke Holst.

herVIEW - Natascha Hoffner

Posted by Natascha Hoffner, Founder & CEO of herCAREER, WiWo columnist, LinkedIn TOP Voice 2020, W&V 2019 – 100 Köpfe
published on LinkedIn on 13.03.2020