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K-Recruiting Life Sciences

We connect people for a healthier future. Always the perfect fit, fast and reliable! We are specialized in the Life Sciences industry and see ourselves as personal matchmakers who know exactly what the needs of freelancers and companies are. Personal exchange at eye level and sustainable, trusting business relationships are particularly important to us. You are also a matchmaker, love to step out of your comfort zone and want to be successful together with a team of highly motivated sales & recruiting colleagues? Then become part of our K-Team!

Job Offers

Business environment

New-work environment with lean hierarchies
Start-up environment or start-up like environment


Uncapped bonus model for your personal sales successes
Incentives for outstanding sales performance such as recent luxury trips to Capri/ Marbella
International and growth-oriented environment with the opportunity to work at our locations in Zurich and San Diego
Learn from the best, the most successful recruiters of all time
Tailor-made measures for individual development by our in-house Learning & Development Team
4 x per week fitness with personal trainer, plus 1 x per week yoga
We support you in the development & realisation of your Big Five for Life
Modern office with roof terrace directly at the Eisbach wave
Regular team events & parties
30 days holiday plus the possibility of 5 additional days unpaid holiday
JobLunch (subsidisation of your lunch)
Office dogs welcome

Medium size enterprise: up to 249 employees

founding year


Language competence required

Deutsch: Expert language skills (C1)
(Approximate) Native language skills (C2)
Englisch: Self-guided speech application (B2)
Expert language skills (C1)
FrenchSelf-guided speech application (B1 / B2) – 05b
ItalianSelf-guided speech application (B1 / B2) – 07b
DutchSelf-guided speech application (B1 / B2) – 11b
SpanishSelf-guided speech application (B1 / B2) – 17b

Education qualifications:

Master's degree / German Magister
Master’s Degree
1st state examination
2nd state examination
3rd state examination

We are specifically looking for the following location(s)



Europe except Germany






We are looking for employees with the following professional & functional competence profile

Biology / Chemistry / Pharmaceutics
Entry (expertise self-taught) – 04b
Entry (after further training) – 04c
Entry (after studies with < 3 years of work experience) – 04d
Professional (experience > 3 years) – 04e
Management (without leadership experience) – 04f
Lateral entry – 04a

Content & Influencer Marketing
Entry (expertise self-taught) – 06b
Entry (after further training) – 06c
Entry (after studies with < 3 years of work experience) – 06d
ProfProfessional (experience > 3 years) – 06e
Lateral entry – 06a

Digital Marketing & Sales
Entry (expertise self-taught) – 10b
Entry (after sfurther training) – 10c
Entry (after studies with < 3 years of work experience) – 10d
Professional (experience > 3 years) – 10e
Management (without leadership experience) – 10f
Management (with leadership experience) – 10g
Lateral entry – 10a

Entry (expertise self-taught) – 13b
Entry (after further training) – 13c
Entry (after studies with < 3 years of work experience) – 13d
Professional (experience > 3 years) – 13e
Management (without leadership experience) – 13f
Lateral entry – 13a

Research & Development
Entry (expertise self-taught) -46b
Entry (after further training) -46c
Entry (after studies with < 3 years of work experience) -46d
Professional (experience > 3 years) -46e
Lateral entry -46a

Social sciences
Entry (expertise self-taught) – 16b
Entry (after further training) –16c
Entry (after studies with < 3 years of work experience) – 16d
Professional (experience > 3 years) – 16e
Management (without leadership experience) – 16f
Lateral entry – 16a

Communication / PR / media / linguistics and cultural studies
Entry (expertise self-taught) – 21b
Entry (after further training) – 21c
Entry (after studies with < 3 years of work experience) – 21d
Professional (experience > 3 years) – 21e
Lateral entry – 21a

Entry (expertise self-taught) – 24b
Entry (after further training) – 24c
Entry (after studies with < 3 years of work experience) – 24d
Lateral entry – 24a

Natural sciences (other)
Entry (expertise self-taught) – 28b
Entry (after further training) – 28c
Entry (after studies with < 3 years of work experience) – 28d
Professional (experience > 3 years) – 28e
Lateral entry – 28a

Online Marketing / Social Media Management
Entry (expertise self-taught) – 29b
Entry (after further training) – 29c
Entry (after studies with < 3 years of work experience) – 29d
Lateral entry – 29a

Business Informatics
Management (with leadership experience) -50g
Entry (expertise self-taught) -50b
Entry (after further training) -50c
Entry (after studies with < 3 years of work experience) -50d
Professional (experience > 3 years) -50e
Management (without leadership experience) -50f
Lateral entry -50a

Strategy & Innovation
Entry (expertise self-taught) – 36b
Entry (after further training) – 36c
Entry (after studies with < 3 years of work experience) – 36d
Lateral entry – 36a

Economy / administration
Entry (expertise self-taught) – 40b
Entry (after further training) – 40c
Entry (after studies with < 3 years of work experience) – 40d
Professional (experience > 3 years) – 40e
Management (without leadership experience) – 40f
Management (with leadership experience) – 40g
Lateral entry – 40a

We are looking for employees for the following fields of activity

Agile / Scrum
Consultation / Consulting
Business Development
Customer Service & Customer Care
Project Management
Process Planning / Process Management
Supply Chain Management
Miscellaneous / Other

We are looking for employees for the following specific topics and specialist areas

Sciences and Research

Biology, Bioengineering / Biotechnology, Chemistry, Genetic Engineering, Laboratory, Life Science / Biological Chemistry

HR Department

Recruiting / HR Marketing, Executive Search

Care / Therapy and Assistance

Radiotherapy, Psychology / Psychotherapy

Distribution / Customer Relationship Management / Sales

Consulting / Advice, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Customer Service, Pre-Sales, Sales, Telesales, Other: Distribution and Sales

Management and business sciences / Economics / Administration

International Management, Administration, Management Science, Economics, Business Science, Other: Economics, Other: Management and business sciences, Other: Administration

Education and Social Affairs

Educational sciences

Social Sciences and Humanities

Ethics, Economics, Psychology, Sociology, Business Psychology, Other: Social sciences

Craft / Manufacturing / Service

Event services, Gastronomy / Hotel business, Travel / Tourism, Other: Service

Marketing and Communication

Content & Influencer Marketing, Digital Marketing & Sales, Direct Marketing, Event Marketing, International Business & Communication, Market Research / Market Analysis, Online Marketing, Performance Marketing, Social Media Management, Other: Communication, Other: Marketing



Content participation

Bettina ArndtK-Recruiting

Bettina Arndt
Executive Key Account Managerin, K-Recruiting Life Sciences


12/10/2023 10:15 AM - 11:00 AM

MeetUp H.42 | Halle / hall 3

Thread / thematic series: Compatibility, Business, Work & New Work

Joblevel: Professional, Leading position

Keep your Mommies in the loop
Mütter in Elternzeit wollen sich weiterhin zugehörig zum Unternehmen fühlen, trotz ihrer Abwesenheit. In dieser Runde wollen wir diskutieren, wie man Mütter up-to-date hält und welche Möglichkeiten es gibt, das Zugehörigkeitsgefühl auch während der Elternzeit aufrecht zu erhalten und vor allem, wie man sie am besten danach wieder ins Unternehmen eingliedert. Wir freuen uns auf eine vielschichtige Diskussion mit euch und bereichernden Ideen!