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Mynaric is a high-volume manufacturer of secure, quickly deployable, large bandwidth, optical communications products to interconnect satellites, Unmanned Aerial Systems, aircraft, or high-altitude platforms with each other or with the ground. Our space and air terminals are serially produced ensuring reduced costs and allowing for large scale deployment with short lead times. Our field of activities cover satellite constellations, telecommunication, broadband internet coverage and a wide array of airborne applications.

Job Offers

Business environment

Organizational structure with multiple career opportunities
New-work environment with lean hierarchies
Start-up environment or start-up like environment
International environment


Home office, health care, mobility budget, shopping vouchers, restricted stock units (RSU's), free fruits and drinks, subsidized meals, learning and development opportunities.

Major enterprise: up to 250 employees

founding year


Language competence required

Deutsch: German language skills are not required
Englisch: Advanced language use (B1)
Self-guided speech application (B2)
Expert language skills (C1)
Further language skills are not required

Education qualifications:

We are open to all degrees

We are specifically looking for the following location(s)







We are looking for employees with the following professional & functional competence profile

Electrical engineering and information technology
Professional (experience > 3 years) – 14e
Management (without leadership experience) – 14f

Computer science
Entry (after studies with < 3 years of work experience) – 17d
Professional (experience > 3 years) – 17e

Engineering (others)
Entry (after further training) – 18c
Entry (after studies with < 3 years of work experience) – 18d
Professional (experience > 3 years) – 18e
Management (without leadership experience) – 18f

Production / manufacturing
Entry (expertise self-taught) – 32b
Entry (after further training) – 32c
Entry (after studies with < 3 years of work experience) – 32d
Professional (experience > 3 years) – 32e
Management (without leadership experience) – 32f
Management (with leadership experience) – 32g
Lateral entry – 32a

Software engineering / software development / coding
Management (with leadership experience) – 33g
Entry (expertise self-taught) – 33b
Entry (afterfurther training) – 33c
Entry (after studies with < 3 years of work experience) – 33d
Professional (experience > 3 years) – 33e
Management (without leadership experience) – 33f

Business Informatics
Professional (experience > 3 years) -50e

Traffic / logistics
Entry (after studies with < 3 years of work experience) – 37d

Distribution & trade
Entry (after studies with < 3 years of work experience) – 38d

Entry (after studies with < 3 years of work experience) – 41d
Professional (experience > 3 years) – 41e

Industrial Engineering and Management
Entry (after studies with < 3 years of work experience) -49d
Professional (experience > 3 years) -49e
Management (without leadership experience) -49f

We are looking for employees for the following fields of activity

Occupational Safety
Business Development
Controlling & Planning
IT / Information Technology
Human Resources
Process Planning / Process Management
Quality assurance / Quality management
Accounting / Bookkeeping

We are looking for employees for the following specific topics and specialist areas

Purchasing / Materials Management / Logistics

Procurement logistics, Distribution logistics, Warehouse logistics, Production logistics, Transport logistics, Other: Purchasing, Other: Materials Management, Other: Logistics

Information technology

Application administration, Data Analytics, Robotics / Robotics Technology, SAP ERP consulting / development, Software development, System Administration / Network Administration, Technical Documentation, Business Informatics, Technical Documentation

Engineering and technical professions

Construction industry, Optics, Process engineering, Other: Engineering, Acoustics, Automation engineering, Civil Engineering, Chemical engineering, Electrical engineering / Electronics, Materials handling technology, Laser technology, Aerospace technology, Mechanical Engineering, Mechatronics, Optics

HR Department

Compensation & Benefits, HR Development / Education / Training, Wages / Salary, Recruiting / HR Marketing, Other: HR Department, Executive Search

Distribution / Customer Relationship Management / Sales

Consulting / Advice, Sales, Telesales

Management and business sciences / Economics / Administration

Office Management, Administration, Other: Management and business sciences, Other: Administration

Content participation

Telecommunications Engineer Natalia  Cañas Estrada

Telecommunications Engineer Natalia Cañas Estrada
Optical Engineer • Future Technology, Mynaric


13/10/2023 02:15 PM - 03:00 PM

MeetUp H.42 | Halle / hall 3

Thread / thematic series: Personality and competence development, Career & Job Application

Joblevel: Career entry, Professional, Startup & Entrepreneurship

From academic to Industry: Story and lessons learned by an early-career engineer in Aerospace
Thinking out of the box and getting out of the comfort zone can help a person grow and flourish both personally and professionally. In this talk, I will share my career journey from electronic engineering in Colombia to becoming an optical engineer in the aerospace industry in Munich, Germany. I will talk about my approach in leveraging my unique skillsets and taking conscious steps to reach my dream career. Join this meetup to get an insight into my unique life journey and my lessons learned up to date.

Details about the speaker Telecommunications Engineer Natalia Cañas Estrada
Vita: Natalia is an Optical Engineer in the aerospace industry, she is part of the team of 'Future Technologies' at Mynaric Lasercom. Her work includes activities related to R&D of free space and fibre-based optical system testbeds, mathematical modelling & simulation, lab control, and DSP. With an Electronic Engineering background and Master studies in systems control and telecommunications, Natalia’s PhD work in Photonics at the Tyndall National Institute (Cork, Ireland) gathers her knowledge and experience in studying methods to enable high baud-rate modulation in all-optical Terabit superchannel systems. Her research interests include comb generation, high-order modulation formats, DWDM, and all-optical terabit superchannels. Natalia is also an advocate of science communication for children and the general public. She has an active role in designing workshops, talks, and activities to do training and outreach activities targeting families, schools, teachers, and students.

Masters in Robotics and Mechanical Engineering Zineb Lahlou

Masters in Robotics and Mechanical Engineering Zineb Lahlou
Customer Program Engineer, Mynaric


12/10/2023 10:15 AM - 11:00 AM

MeetUp J.02 | Halle / hall 3

Thread / thematic series: Compatibility, Career & Job Application

Joblevel: Career entry, Professional, Startup & Entrepreneurship

The skills you acquire while you are a mother are valuable for business. Motherhood should be recognised as a valuable experience and a key asset to companies rather than being regarded as a gap in their work experience. We gain life experiences that are essential for navigating the business environment -- whether we are moms who decide to return to the workforce or have taken different roles at certain times to have a more balanced life. My name is Zineb Lahlou, I am an aerospace engineer. I was born and grew up in Morocco. One of my professional journey’s cardinal challenges has been the desire to pursue a fulfilling full-time career while taking an active role as a mother.

Details about the speaker Masters in Robotics and Mechanical Engineering Zineb Lahlou
Vita: A senior Robotics Engineer with over 11 years of experience in Aerospace,Including 8 years of leading and managing projects and teams. My attention to detail and rigorous work ethic have earned me trustworthy relationships both within my organization and externally.Throughout my career, I have collaborated with notable clients including Airbus, Bombardier, Northrop Grumman, Space Development Agency, regulatory agencies like EASA and FAA, and national and international suppliers.