Founders Pitch: Looking for a female co-founder

Studies show: mixed startup teams are more successful and more long-term stable. That is why we want to drive more women into the startup scene. We offer male founders or founding teams the possibility to pitch their startup to potential female co-founders at herCAREER.

Male founders and male dominated entrepreneurial teams are invited to pitch their startup at herCAREER, as well as the area of expertise they are looking for in a female co-founder.

The male founder or entrepreneurial team gets to pitch in front of a mostly female audience. Male founders and male dominated entrepreneurial teams can apply through our application form.

The pitch is held as a 45 minute MeetUp and is free of charge for the pitching founder or team.

How the founders pitch works

After a brief introduction of the startup through the founder(s), the maximum 12 participants in the audience can ask questions. The maximum allowed number of visitors, as well as the non-classical presentation format, has been deliberately chosen to ensure an efficient dialogue between all.

The presentation and follow-up discussion can last up to 45 minutes.

The program will be published here in summer 2021.