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“Hard work unfortunately does not lead to the same level of success for everyone.”

2024-05-03T16:43:58+02:0002. May 2024|herVIEW, Career path & Application|

"Martha A. Dudzinski is an expert at accomplishing a lot in little time – because she has to for health reasons." Kathrin Werner and Nils Wischmeyer interviewed the social entrepreneur and head [...]

Podcast: How to leave your comfort zone – without getting uncomfortable!

2024-05-06T10:28:07+02:0029. Apr 2024|Leadership & Communication, Business Work New Work, Podcasts, Career path & Application|

Since Berit Plewinsky started as a trainee at Lufthansa Technik, she has continuously taken over more responsibility. Today, she works as a Senior Director, leading more than 150 people in different countries. [...]

Therefore, networking is more difficult for women

2024-04-10T15:33:33+02:0010. Apr 2024|herVIEW, Career path & Application, Mentoring & Networking|

„In the context of career advancement, the notion that ‚It’s not WHAT you know, but WHO you know‘ holds some truth. However, for many women, this concept presents unique challenges. Despite the potential career benefits [...]

„I always wanted to be part of NASA”

2024-05-06T11:31:59+02:0009. Apr 2024|Science, Digitalization & Technology, Career path & Application, Personalities|

The former NASA astronaut, geologist and teacher Dottie Metcalf-Lindenburger loves science, although it didn’t come easy to her, as she says. In our interview, she explains how she handled having her daughter [...]

From a Big Dream to Reality: How I ended up in Space

2024-06-10T08:08:39+02:0025. Jan 2024|Science, Digitalization & Technology, Career path & Application, Academy|

During a childhood visit to Space Camp, a girl purchased, and later built, a model of the Space Shuttle Discovery – an almost prophetic choice for her! As a high school science teacher, [...]

A 40-year view of a career in the space industry

2024-05-06T13:05:40+02:0010. Oct 2023|Science, Digitalization & Technology, Career path & Application, herEXPERIENCE|

What is it like to work in the space sector and particularly at the European Space Agency? How has the space sector and its jobs evolved? Lucy van der Tas, Head of [...]

My growth as a female researcher and leader in the academic world

2024-01-03T07:36:37+01:0005. Oct 2022|Career path & Application, Find mentors, herEXPERIENCE, Sparring partner wanted, Offer Sparring, Science, Digitalization & Technology|

Participants learn about the many opportunities for researchers and women as well (!) or in particular, to grow and take up leadership roles in the academic world. "Really follow your [...]

Pivoting into tech – How women of all backgrounds can make a difference

2023-04-24T11:09:37+02:0004. Oct 2022|Offer Sparring, Development of personality and competences, Career path & Application, herEXPERIENCE, Sparring partner wanted|

Henrieke has changed her career path several times. In this talk, she will share how you too can effectively transition into tech from other careers, and why it can be a win-win [...]

How to manage a successful career and level up in the German tech industry

2024-01-03T07:38:50+01:0030. Sep 2022|Science, Digitalization & Technology, Career path & Application, Find mentors, herEXPERIENCE|

In this interactive MeetUp, participants will learn from Nimmy's experiences on how to build a strong career in the German tech industry as a woman, mother and a foreigner resident in Munich. [...]

Podcast: Staying and thriving in a men’s world

2023-05-03T08:30:09+02:0004. Oct 2021|Science, Digitalization & Technology, Podcasts, Career path & Application|

The content of the Podcast When Alice Bennati started working in the automotive market 22 years ago, Alice was the only woman in almost every room she entered. She faced conscious and [...]