Career & ApplicationThe experts, insiders and role models in the category “Career & Application” know how to plan a career and develop application strategies. A lateral entry into tech and digitization is also addressed. How have others made it? Learning from them and sharing experiences is one of the core objectives of herCAREER, the leading expo for women’s career planning.

Podcast: Combining beauty and function – IT as an art form

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How do you find your passion? As a child, Farida Abou-Elenein wanted to become an architect – just like her father. But as she grew older she realized that her real love [...]

My growth as a female researcher and leader in the academic world

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Participants learn about the many opportunities for researchers and women as well (!) or in particular, to grow and take up leadership roles in the academic world. "Really follow your [...]

Pivoting into tech – How women of all backgrounds can make a difference

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Henrieke has changed her career path several times. In this talk, she will share how you too can effectively transition into tech from other careers, and why it can be a win-win [...]

How to manage a successful career and level up in the German tech industry

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In this interactive MeetUp, participants will learn from Nimmy's experiences on how to build a strong career in the German tech industry as a woman, mother and a foreigner resident in Munich. [...]

“Luck is the most underestimated career factor”

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The question which role luck plays in personnel selection is Chengwei Liu's speciality. The luck researcher is convinced that companies could advance their diversity if they skilfully use the principle of chance [...]

Luck or performance? What really matters in a leadership career

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Watch the full & free video now! Video on Demand What factors are crucial for someone to be not just good, but great at their job? Personal [...]

Podcast: Staying and thriving in a men’s world

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The content of the Podcast When Alice Bennati started working in the automotive market 22 years ago, Alice was the only woman in almost every room she entered. She faced conscious and [...]

Being a young female leader in a male-dominated sector – what now?

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Do I need to fake a deep voice? Can I adapt to the work culture? What about wearing nail polish? In this MeetUp you talk to Bahar Ucar, Head of a Business [...]

Controller vs. Data Scientist – The Sexiest Jobs of the 21st Century

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Controllers have existed for many years and represent one of the most important positions in companies. The profession of Data Scientist, on the other hand, has become increasingly popular in recent years [...]