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“Supporting my team members on a continuous professional growth and learning path is an important responsibility”

2022-02-08T12:19:22+01:00Science, Digitalization & Technology, herWHY|

Taking a look behind the scenes of companies: In the interview series herWHY, female employees give an insight and a very personal view of their job. They report on how they got [...]

Podcast: Staying and thriving in a men’s world

2022-02-21T08:58:07+01:00Science, Digitalization & Technology, Podcasts, Career path & Application|

The content of the Podcast When Alice Bennati started working in the automotive market 22 years ago, Alice was the only woman in almost every room she entered. She faced conscious [...]

Diverse career paths in the mobility sector beyond a classical engineering education

2021-10-05T10:32:38+02:00Sparring partner wanted, Offer Sparring, Science, Digitalization & Technology, herEXPERIENCE|

The only way to a successful career in the mobility sector is to study engineering? By no means! Mobility is becoming greener, smarter and more passenger centric. Societal trends (digitisation, urbanisation, …) [...]

Job-Offer-Talk: Europe’s astronaut selection – Are you ready to launch your career?

2021-09-23T10:05:51+02:00Science, Digitalization & Technology, Career path & Application, Academy|

The European Space Agency (ESA) is looking for astronauts to join its team and enter a new decade of space exploration. Here is your chance to find out everything you ever wanted to know [...]

How the Rise of AI and Robotics Will Change the Way We Live and Work

2021-10-05T10:40:25+02:00Offer Sparring, Science, Digitalization & Technology, herEXPERIENCE|

While the rise of robotics and AI have a huge potential to lift productivity and economic growth, it’s no secret that many jobs will be automated. It surely means many of us [...]

Blockchain – Friend or Foe?

2021-10-05T10:44:22+02:00Sparring partner wanted, Offer Sparring, Science, Digitalization & Technology, Society, herEXPERIENCE|

Today, we need intermediaries for many transactions, for verification of identity or transaction, or both (public notaries, financial intermediaries). Blockchain allows transaction without intermediaries. This is a matter of disruption. What does [...]

Building a tech startup – lessons learned

2021-10-05T15:19:11+02:00Sparring partner wanted, Offer Sparring, Entrepreneurship, Science, Digitalization & Technology|

In this talk Mimi Sewalski CEO of will share her insights and lessons learned in building a tech startup and an online market place for eco fashion. Presented by moinworld e.V. [...]

PR & communication for the complex world of technology

2018-10-29T11:42:46+01:00Sparring partner wanted, Offer Sparring, Science, Digitalization & Technology, Business Work New Work|

Telling the Tech Story Kelsey Markl is focused on B2B communications of forerunners in the field of technology who work on trends such as autonomous driving, electric mobility, 5G and the [...]

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