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In the category “science, digitalization & technology” you will learn everything about agile working, digital leadership and networking, which options there are to change careers towards programming and which possibilities there are to help shape digitalization.

With herCAREER you can expand your network. This makes women visible and approachable. Our interactive formats support women in establishing professional and personal contacts.

Companies have the opportunity to actively involve their role models and insiders.

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PR & communication for the complex world of technology

2018-10-29T11:42:46+01:00Sparring partner wanted, Offer sparring partner, Science, Digitalization & Technology, Business, Work & New Work|

Telling the Tech Story Kelsey Markl is focused on B2B communications of forerunners in the field of technology who work on trends such as autonomous driving, electric mobility, 5G and the [...]

Passion first – how to build a mission-driven career

2018-09-27T17:49:50+02:00Entrepreneurship, Science, Digitalization & Technology|

How to find the career of their dreams? As a medical doctor, CEO and co-founder of Ariana Digital Health Solutions GmbH, Dr. Carol Wildhagen is passionate about the positive impact of [...]