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Moral AI – How do we get there and how can you get involved?

2024-04-18T14:13:21+02:00Science, Digitalization & Technology, Academy, Society|

What if a machine would determine who gets an organ and who does not? Can Artificial Intelligence be fair? Dr. Jana Schaich Borg has spent 24 years researching and understanding how individuals [...]

From a Big Dream to Reality: How I ended up in Space

2024-03-19T09:49:24+01:00Academy, Family & Compatibility, Development of personality and competences|

During a childhood visit to Space Camp, a girl purchased, and later built, a model of the Space Shuttle Discovery – an almost prophetic choice for her! As a high school science teacher, [...]

Building a sustainable and psychologically safe learning environment

2023-09-19T14:13:20+02:00Development of personality and competences, Science, Digitalization & Technology, Academy|

Watch the full & free video now! Video on Demand presented by Mannheim Business School Building a safe learning environment: An important element in creating [...]

The Roots, Consequences, and Solutions to our Global Crisis of Connection

2023-09-19T14:15:52+02:00Development of personality and competences, Leadership & Communication, Academy|

Watch the full & free video now! Video on Demand We are experiencing a crisis of connection, says Niobe Way, a psychology professor at New York [...]

Luck or performance? What really matters in a leadership career

2023-09-19T14:17:03+02:00Business Work New Work, Career path & Application, Academy|

Watch the full & free video now! Video on Demand What factors are crucial for someone to be not just good, but great at their job? Personal [...]

Job-Offer-Talk: Europe’s astronaut selection – Are you ready to launch your career?

2023-09-14T10:33:57+02:00Science, Digitalization & Technology, Career path & Application, Academy|

The European Space Agency (ESA) is looking for astronauts to join its team and enter a new decade of space exploration. Here is your chance to find out everything you ever wanted to [...]