herCAREER Academy

The herCAREER Academy offers you free of charge at regular intervals exciting content on all aspects of female career planning. Follow lectures, discussions or Online-MeetUps, which also allow an interactive exchange thorugh the breakout sessions. Online events are live events. Selected online events are available for you to view in our media library afterwards.

The herCAREER Academy moderated by Dr. Irène Kilubi
Dr. Irène Kilubi holds a doctorate in industrial engineering and management consultant and has worked for renowned companies such as BMW, Deloitte, Amazon & Co. After many professional stations, she now follows her very personal passion and dedicates herself to the topics of community building, corporate influencer strategy with is JOINT GENERATIONS. She is also an Expert Advisor for the European Innovation Council Accelerator of the European Commission. Dr. Irène Kilubi is a university lecturer in Digital Marketing and Entrepreneurship and a sought-after speaker and anchorwoman at conferences and events.

The Roots, Consequences, and Solutions to our Global Crisis of Connection

2022-11-14T07:52:53+01:00Development of personality and competences, Leadership & Communication, Academy|

Watch the full & free video now! Video on Demand We are experiencing a crisis of connection, says Niobe Way, a psychology professor at New York University. [...]

Luck or performance? What really matters in a leadership career

2022-11-08T07:47:38+01:00Business Work New Work, Career path & Application, Academy|

Watch the full & free video now! VIDEO ON DEMAND What factors are crucial for someone to be not just good, but great at their job? Personal achievements [...]

Job-Offer-Talk: Europe’s astronaut selection – Are you ready to launch your career?

2021-09-23T10:05:51+02:00Science, Digitalization & Technology, Career path & Application, Academy|

The European Space Agency (ESA) is looking for astronauts to join its team and enter a new decade of space exploration. Here is your chance to find out everything you ever wanted to know [...]