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How NetApp is Leading the Way with Digital Transformation

2022-10-04T14:54:00+02:00Development of personality and competences, Science, Digitalization & Technology, Find mentors, herEXPERIENCE|

The advancement of your career requires an environment where you can thrive and feel empowered to follow your aspirations. In this session, Giovanna Sangiorgi, SVP EMEA & LATAM at NetApp, will share [...]

The Roots, Consequences, and Solutions to our Global Crisis of Connection

2022-11-14T07:52:53+01:00Development of personality and competences, Leadership & Communication, Academy|

Watch the full & free video now! Video on Demand We are experiencing a crisis of connection, says Niobe Way, a psychology professor at New York University. [...]

Lifehacks on how to survive a stressful & pressuring work environment without losing your creativity & joy

2021-10-05T10:02:19+02:00Development of personality and competences, Entrepreneurship, herEXPERIENCE, Offer Sparring|

I am Lena, a product designer that has founded a company without ever planning it. For the last 3 years, I have been working on my own product. This has been the [...]

Get on the right elevator – the impact of various factors on your career

2021-10-05T10:36:48+02:00Sparring partner wanted, Offer Sparring, Development of personality and competences, Career path & Application, herEXPERIENCE|

Mentoring seems to be the ideal way to achieve professional advancement. But most people complain about not having a mentor. The lecture will show which factors (can) play a role in career [...]

Podcast: The power of employee networks at Airbus

2021-10-05T16:12:18+02:00Podcasts, Mentoring & Networking, Development of personality and competences|

Content of the podcast During this panel discussion, international Airbus employees from different areas of expertise will share their experiences in the various employee networks at Airbus and how those networks [...]

Sophie Lacoste Dournel: “We should listen more to ourselves”

2021-09-02T17:08:08+02:00Development of personality and competences, Entrepreneurship, Personalities|

A family dispute cost Sophie Lacoste and her family the famous fashion company with the crocodile. But today she sees it in a positive light: together with her brother, she bought the [...]

Podcast: How successful collaboration in diverse teams works – A reality check

2020-04-08T14:10:07+02:00Development of personality and competences, Business Work New Work, Podcasts|

Content of the Podcast Studies proof: Diverse teams perform better and boost innovation. That’s why many companies work on becoming more inclusive, multidisciplinary and diverse. But what does it actually mean? [...]

Designing your career as you go

2018-09-27T18:21:12+02:00Sparring partner wanted, Offer Sparring, Development of personality and competences, Entrepreneurship|

How do I know, it is time to re-define my career? Pavla Lokajova is a Prague-based writer, content creator, aspiring global journalist and future-of-everything enthusiast. Her journey in media started 10 [...]

Growing into a leader

2018-11-07T13:45:20+01:00Sparring partner wanted, Offer Sparring, Development of personality and competences, Leadership & Communication|

Transitioning from being a team member to leading a team Lina Behrens runs Flying Health’s Digital Drug section, from discovering innovative ideas, leading their development and clinical validation to building them [...]

Why do we hold ourselves back?

2018-09-26T12:13:23+02:00Leadership & Communication, Sparring partner wanted, Offer Sparring, Development of personality and competences|

Awareness, Action and Adapt Anantika Kumari is a Human Resources professional, currently working in London. Her experience in the banking and financial services started 5 years back in Mumbai, India with [...]