Interview series herEXPERIENCELiving female empowerment and giving women the opportunity to benefit from the knowledge and experience of others. Company foundation? Product development? Experience in leadership? In the interview series herEXPERIENCE women share their knowledge and experiences to support others.

My growth as a female researcher and leader in the academic world

2022-10-05T16:56:36+02:00Sparring partner wanted, Offer Sparring, Science, Digitalization & Technology, Career path & Application, Find mentors, herEXPERIENCE|

Participants learn about the many opportunities for researchers and women as well (!) or in particular, to grow and take up leadership roles in the academic world. "Really follow your [...]

How NetApp is Leading the Way with Digital Transformation

2022-10-04T14:54:00+02:00Development of personality and competences, Science, Digitalization & Technology, Find mentors, herEXPERIENCE|

The advancement of your career requires an environment where you can thrive and feel empowered to follow your aspirations. In this session, Giovanna Sangiorgi, SVP EMEA & LATAM at NetApp, will share [...]

Pivoting into tech – How women of all backgrounds can make a difference

2023-04-24T11:09:37+02:00Sparring partner wanted, Offer Sparring, Development of personality and competences, Career path & Application, herEXPERIENCE|

Henrieke has changed her career path several times. In this talk, she will share how you too can effectively transition into tech from other careers, and why it can be a win-win [...]

How to manage a successful career and level up in the German tech industry

2022-09-30T14:09:57+02:00Science, Digitalization & Technology, Career path & Application, Find mentors, herEXPERIENCE|

In this interactive MeetUp, participants will learn from Nimmy's experiences on how to build a strong career in the German tech industry as a woman, mother and a foreigner resident in Munich. [...]

Being a young female leader in a male-dominated sector – what now?

2021-10-05T14:51:24+02:00Offer Sparring, Leadership & Communication, Career path & Application, Find mentors, herEXPERIENCE|

Do I need to fake a deep voice? Can I adapt to the work culture? What about wearing nail polish? In this MeetUp you talk to Bahar Ucar, Head of a Business [...]

Lifehacks on how to survive a stressful & pressuring work environment without losing your creativity & joy

2021-10-05T10:02:19+02:00Offer Sparring, Development of personality and competences, Startup & Entrepreneurship, herEXPERIENCE|

I am Lena, a product designer that has founded a company without ever planning it. For the last 3 years, I have been working on my own product. This has been the [...]

Controller vs. Data Scientist – The Sexiest Jobs of the 21st Century

2021-10-05T10:15:41+02:00herEXPERIENCE, Offer Sparring, Career path & Application, Mentoring & Networking|

Controllers have existed for many years and represent one of the most important positions in companies. The profession of Data Scientist, on the other hand, has become increasingly popular in recent years [...]

Diverse career paths in the mobility sector beyond a classical engineering education

2021-10-05T10:32:38+02:00Sparring partner wanted, Offer Sparring, Science, Digitalization & Technology, herEXPERIENCE|

The only way to a successful career in the mobility sector is to study engineering? By no means! Mobility is becoming greener, smarter and more passenger centric. Societal trends (digitisation, urbanisation, …) [...]

When Green meets Lean – Product development in a Green tech start-up

2021-10-05T10:39:19+02:00Sparring partner wanted, Offer Sparring, Startup & Entrepreneurship, herEXPERIENCE|

The vision of making a contribution to a future worth living in, the ambition to develop a digital solution for companies worldwide, together with an international team. And then? How can product [...]