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Podcast: How to cultivate, accelerate and scale inclusive leadership

2021-11-29T09:35:05+01:00Leadership & Communication, Business, Work & New Work, Podcasts, Leadership & Communication, Business, Work & New Work, Podcasts|

The content of the Podcast How can we build momentum to inclusive leadership? Why are we not getting there faster? How can leaders form inclusive leadership styles? Join Christina Bösenberg, Science [...]

Podcast: The power of employee networks at Airbus

2021-10-05T16:12:18+02:00Development of personality and competences, Podcasts, Mentoring & Networking|

Content of the podcast During this panel discussion, international Airbus employees from different areas of expertise will share their experiences in the various employee networks at Airbus and how those networks [...]

Podcast: How successful collaboration in diverse teams works – A reality check

2020-04-08T14:10:07+02:00Development of personality and competences, Business, Work & New Work, Podcasts|

Content of the Podcast Studies proof: Diverse teams perform better and boost innovation. That’s why many companies work on becoming more inclusive, multidisciplinary and diverse. But what does it actually mean? [...]

Podcast: Growth mind-set – how I unlock my career potential

2020-04-08T14:08:49+02:00Leadership & Communication, Podcasts, Career path & Application|

Content of the Podcast Having grown up in China in the 1970s, she did not have the best starting conditions for an international management career. But today, Joy Jinghui Xu is [...]