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What factors are crucial for someone to be not just good, but great at their job? Personal achievements or pure luck? People tend to underestimate the role of luck in career development, says Chengwei Liu. The renowned luck researcher explains in his talk what the “skill paradox” is all about and why diversity suffers as a result. In his lecture, he provides companies with advice on how they could implement more serendipity moments and develop a new diversity strategy along the way. For women aspiring to a top management position, he outlines strategies on how to help their luck.

Chengwei Liu (Ph.D., Cambridge)
Associate Professor of Strategy and Behavioral Science
European School of Management and Technology (ESMT Berlin)

About the speaker

Trained as an economist in Taiwan, Chengwei Liu (Ph.D., Cambridge) is an associate professor of strategy and behavioral science, and faculty lead of the Global Online MBA Program at the European School of Management and Technology (ESMT Berlin). He held research and teaching positions at Cambridge, Oxford, MIT, Wharton, NYU, INSEAD, National University of Singapore, Peking University, Warwick, and won more than 20 research and teaching awards. Thinkers50 name Chengwei a leading management thinker and Poets&Quants name Chengwei a Top 40 under 40 MBA Professor. Chengwei’s book „Luck: A key idea for business and society“ summarizes his research on how to quantify and strategize with luck in sports, investment and business, as well as its implications on judging merit and social inequality. His current research focuses on how organizations should manage diversity in the age of algorithms and how to be a smart contrarian.