Entrepreneur with passion

Crowdpouch is the world’s first crowdfunding as a Service platform currently in BETA version. Crowdpouch aims to help people, startups and organizations raise funds efficiently and in an affordable way. Crowdpouch will bring both methodology and technology in one place. We are currently based in Schwaebisch Hall, Germany. Crowdpouch will be the one stop global crowdfunding ecosystem – introduced by Vittal Ramakrishna, Founder.

Help shape the future of Crowdpouch and pitch to potential Investors. Network extensively and build a growth strategy for the company. Use every skill you have acquired to build the business model. Analyze the competition and recommend strategic moves for Crowdpouch. Developing new and enhancing existing business relationships. Collaborate with the Strategic Founders team in growing a strong, integrated and sustainable organization. Speak fluent German and English. Presented by:  Crowdpouch.

What does a co-founder or team member need to bring to the table when attending your pitch? What are you looking for?

Passion, something which cannot be taught to anyone. Skills are important, but nothing beats passion to learn and grow every day. This is the reason an Entrepreneur will have knowledge in every aspect of the company and will drive the organization tirelessly through the tough times.

What does a potential co-founder or team member get in you?

Content in building a business globally and equally helping other dreams to bring to life. Being a part of many dreams through your own business is truly priceless.

What is your tipp for aspiring founders on how to find the right partners and team members?

Networking is the key. Get to know the potential partner first before you commit officially. It will save you a lot of time for all and avoids confusion later on.

At herCAREER, the focus is on professional exchanges, which is based on the personal experiences and the knowledge of the sparring partners. As an organizer, it is also in our best interest to support women beyond the exhibition and make our networks accessible. We would therefore like to ask you if you would also act as a sparring partner in addition to the trade fair participation. If so, we would ask you to name the topics for which you would act as a sparring partner in bullet points.

  • Crowdfunding

Are there topics to which you would personally like to find a sparring partner and would like to continue a professional as well as personal exchange. Then, please also name us a list of the subjects you are interested in.

  • Marketing
  • Social Entrepreneurship

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