Franziska Reh

Table Captain

Franziska Reh

CEO & Co-Founder
Unconventional Capital, Uncap GmbH

Franziska Reh, born 1988 in Regensburg, Germany, is founder and CEO of Uncap, a fintech start-up that provides entrepreneurs in sub-Saharan Africa with access to finance and investors with the opportunity to invest in Africa. She holds a BSc in Business Administration from the Frankfurt School of Finance and Management and an MSc in Global Sustainability from the Rotterdam School of Management. She is also a trained banker.

In 2008, Franziska Reh started her career at Deutsche Bank, where she spent 5 years in various positions within Consumer Banking as well as Executive Assistant. After her Master she gained experience as a management consultant at Accenture Strategy & Sustainability focusing on Circular Economy, Digital Sustainability and Sustainability Strategy. During her time as a Project Manager at the World Economic Forum, she developed and led comprehensive multi-stakeholder initiatives to foster cross-sector collaboration around Circular Economy.

Since 2019, Franziska Reh is CEO & Founder of Uncap, a fintech aiming to revolutionize access to finance for early-stage entrepreneurs in sub-Saharan Africa. Uncap’s vision is to provide early-stage funding to every good founder, regardless of gender, age, educational background or network. To this end, Uncap has developed a funding platform that invests in early-stage entrepreneurs in an unbiased, remote and automated way. By 2030, Uncap aims to have enabled 50,000 companies to access funding.

Franziska lives in Munich.