Sinone Glöckler


Simone Glöckler

Co-founder of Women* against the AfD & Palais F*luxx

With perseverance and enthusiasm, Simone Glöckler dedicates her #Potential47plus to shake things up, spark conversations, and be outspoken alongside others. She aims to bring women’s issues to light, such as menopause in the Bundestag, and to reduce the #AfD to 0%.

In early 2017, she co-founded “Frauen* gegen die AfD” (Women* against the AfD) with other women to shed critical light on the misogynistic positions of this party. Through a social media campaign, many citizens have taken a stand against the AfD. With another Bundestag election approaching, sleeves are ready to be rolled up.

Additionally, Simone serves as the Head of Social Media for the online platform Palais F*luxx during their campaigns and works in sales for the football club 1. FC St. Pauli. She is also a founding member of eeden meets e.V.: the association for the co-creation space eeden in Hamburg.


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