Program overview of herCAREER

herCAREER offers a broad program.

The presentation areas are integrated in the exhibition area and are freely accessible. All presentations are included in the ticket.

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The complete program is integrated into the exhibition area of the fair. In addition to the two big auditoriums, various formats for fostering the exchange amongst the participants are offered – at the booths of the exhibitors, as well as in seperately designated areas.

The topics of the program are very diverse. Subjects for presentations, trainings, consulting modules, and experience exchange include, but are not limited to:

  • Startup & Entrepreneurship
  • Family & Work
  • Leadership & Communication
  • Society
  • Money, Finances & Assets
  • Mentoring & Networking
  • Career & Applying
  • Personal & Skills Development
  • Law & Taxation
  • Economy, Work & New Work
  • Science, Digitization & Technology

We deliberately decided against having an additional conference with additional ticket fees, so we cannot guarantee access to all formats at any time. Yet we are certain there will be enough room and time to connect and interact with interesting people throughout the two days.  Do not hesitate to approach any of the speakers, presenters, exhibitors, etc. even after the conference.

Participation in herCAREER@Night requires an additional registration with attached fees.

Use the following dropdown menu to plan your individual program at herCAREER.

  • Use the “closed” or “open” tab to see all information about the respective content.
  • Sort the list by the first or second day of the fair.
  • Select or sort the content according to their category and location such as auditorium, meetups or talks.
  • You would like to see only the German or the English content? Select presentation language.
  • You may also search by the presentation category.
  • All content is clustered by topics for your better overview – select those that interest you most.

By activating the check box(es) you can select the content you would like to see in your listing and directly generate a PDF or print. You may also select to do or undo the complete list.

To see English presentations, please select "English" as the "Speaker Language" in the filter menu below.