There are hardly any women on the boards of German companies, and therefore “an instance for doubt” is missing, says the new member of the German Council of Economic Experts (#Wirtschaftsweise), Monika Schnitzer. Men among themselves more easily agree on “a convenient view of things.”

The economics professor calls for more women at the top of Germany’s companies. “In heterogeneous groups, someone is more likely to dissent in such situations; in a homogeneous club, this corrective is missing,” Schnitzer tells the FAS and adds, “We need more mixed teams.”

Media scientist Christoph May says in an interview with Nora Schareika on WirtschaftsWoche: “Men need to give up their #privileges” and advocates for significantly higher wages in low-paid, typical female professions.

To make men feel responsible, the women’s quota should be renamed the men’s quota: a maximum of 40 percent men in all areas. May asks: “Why don’t male-dominated companies voluntarily exchange their positions until they achieve actual #equality? This would enormously accelerate the societal process. A long-overdue signal and an economic one: We are dissolving our men’s club because male monocultures significantly reduce our revenue.”

herVIEW - Natascha Hoffner

Posted by Natascha Hoffner, Founder & CEO of herCAREER, WiWo columnist, LinkedIn TOP Voice 2020, W&V 2019 – 100 Köpfe
published on LinkedIn on 22.05.2020