We’re living in an era where change is inevitable and innovation is the only way to stay relevant. Dr. Lina Yassin, Senior Change Advisor at Futurice GmbH, embarked on a journey of exploration, she switched lanes from being a neuroscientist studying neuroplasticity to becoming a change agent at Futurice. There, she is empowering clients to work with Lean Service Creation, a methodology to facilitate learnings by increasing experiences, speeding reflections and intensifying co-creations. At the MeetUp “A steep learning curve: from neuronal networks to corporate learning – my extraordinary career path” at the exhibition herCAREER Dr. Lina Yassin talked about the various destinations during her career.

Dr. Lina Yassin

herCAREER: What does change mean to you in combination with professional careers?

Yassin: Everything around us is changing at an alarming speed and if we don’t catch that change train we might be left behind and thus become in many aspects irrelevant. We need to embrace change not only on the professional level but even at home, communicating with our families today has gone through a lot of change. Change for me, is the ability to be agile and flexible while constantly asking why.

herCAREER: What challenges must women with non-linear career paths overcome? And how they overcome them?

Yassin: Women with ambition to change should learn to take more risks and to spare ample time to reflect on  steps taken and  lessons learned. We, women should learn to fail often and not always seek perfection at what we do. We need to follow our ideas, even when we are not sure that they will work, but it will give us pure satisfaction if we do.

herCAREER: What was the biggest learning during your working life that you would like to share with young women who are just about to embark on their working journey?

Yassin: The biggest learning for me has been believing in oneself. Often, when challenged, I turn to my  closest circle of friends and family  for  support. Them believing in me, sometimes even more than I believe in myself offers me a tremendous push forward.  Playing it safe gets us nowhere, so we have to learn to just do it, and break through.

Would you also act as a sparring partner in addition to the trade fair participation? If so, we would ask you to name the topics for which you would act as a sparring partner in bullet points.

  • Agile mindset
  • Thought-Leadership
  • Lean Thinking
  • Design Thinking

Are there topics to which you would personally like to find a sparring partner and would like to continue a professional as well as personal exchange. Then, please also name us a list of the subjects you are interested in.

  • Organizational Culture
  • Community building
  • Social engagement

How can interested women contact you?

ÜAbout this person

Dr. Lina Yassin, neuroscientist, researcher and lecturer working now as change advisor. Previously deciphering the basis of neuroplasticity conducting electrophysiological research in the field of learning and memory, she is now consulting clients regarding their digital transformation. Teaching problem-oriented learning at Charité made her aware of the resemblance between neuroplasticity, agility and design thinking. At Futurice, she is employing lean-service-creation, an open-source methodology and mindset, to support clients through cultural and organizational transformation.